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Pathfinder Player Companion: Humans of Golarion (PFRPG)

Golarion Day: The Shoanti Shaman

... Golarion Day: The Shoanti Shaman Thursday, June 16, 2011So sometimes, we're so eager to get new player options into print we kind of get ahead of ourselves and stumble over our own feet in our haste. This happened, alas, with the just-released Pathfinder Companion: Humans of Golarion, in which we present something called totem domains for the Shoanti but then forgot to quantify exactly how anyone can get access to these domains! Oops! ... There are seven totem domains in all—one...
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Tags: Florian Stitz Golarion Humans of Golarion Pathfinder Player Companion Shoanti

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Inner Sea World Guide (PFRPG)

Out of this World!

... Illustration by Craig J Spearing ... Out of this World! Thursday, December 23, 2010The Inner Sea World Guide, our revised, reorganized, and expanded look at the world of Golarion, is off to the printer! While it won't be back and ready to share in all its hardbound glory until sometime in March, we've done the heavy lifting and put together a beaut of a book we think is going to blow away both those visiting Golarion for the first time and all of you who practically live there. But for...
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Tags: Craig J Spearing Darklands Demons Monsters Paladins Shoanti Wallpapers

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Pathfinder #5—Rise of the Runelords Chapter 5:

Meet Freezemaw!

... Meet Freezemaw! Wednesday, January 9, 2008One of the early lessons I learned working on adventures for Dungeon was that RPG players have an extra level of demands when it comes to dragons. You can throw pretty much any other monster into an adventure without worry, but if you want to include a dragon, you'd best be sure said dragon has a history and personality. And honestly, the readers are right (as they often are). Dragons shouldn't be throwaway encounters. They shouldn't just wander...
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Tags: Dragons Monsters Rise of the Runelords Shoanti

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Humans of Varisia

Humans of Varisia Wednesday, June 6, 2007As mentioned in previous blog posts, the Varisian region contains three prominent human ethnicities: ... Chelaxian: Monument-haunted Magnimar and imperial-minded Korvosa vie for control of southern Varisia. In these cities and the numerous vassal settlements of each, the majority of the populace can trace their ancestry to the sharp-featured people of Cheliax. Those of Chelish descent possess dark hair and eyes contrasted by pale skin—along with...
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Tags: Cheliax Portraits Rise of the Runelords Shoanti Varisia
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