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Sci-Fried: Pucker Up

... Illustration by Crystal Frasier ... Sci-Fried: Pucker Up Tuesday, November 17, 2009Cave raptors are sated; it's time to blog! ... Back when I was a little ankle-chewer in the distant 1980s, there weren't a lot of strong female role models to choose from. Most of the women on TV were simpering damsels in distress or so fashion- and boy-crazy that they triggered my normally resilient goblin gag reflex. Then in 1985, Mattel rolled out She-Ra and my youthful, violent fanaticism found someone...
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Tags: Arnold Tsang Barbarians Black God's Kiss C. L. Moore Crystal Frasier Goblins Jirel of Joiry Monsters Planet Stories Sci-Fried
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Black God's Kiss (Trade Paperback)

Kicking Down The Door

Kicking Down The Door Wednesday, July 25, 2007That more people don't know the name C. L. Moore is one of the biggest tragedies in science fiction and fantasy. This October, Planet Stories plans to do everything we can to change that. ... First published in Weird Tales in 1934, Catherine Lucille Moore was writing science fiction and fantasy in a time where female authors were rare across the board, and practically unheard of in genre fiction. Abbreviating her name to hide her gender, Moore...
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Tags: Black God's Kiss C. L. Moore Henry Kuttner Jirel of Joiry Planet Stories
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