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Behold the Board!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Photography by Chris Carey

If you've been listening carefully in these blogs or the Tuesday Paizo chats, you may have heard us refer to "the Board" from time to time. The Board is the giant whiteboard where the entire editorial department records its priorities, status updates, deadlines, etc., and collectively attempts to slay the Gen Con dragon.

This is not that board.

Rest assured, you will see pictures of that board (complete with Wes's fabulous Product Dragon) when it's time, but from now through May that board will likely remain a secret—the place Wes goes when he needs a good cry, or the rest of us go when we decide a few minutes of elevated heart rate and panic-sweating would be good for us. (It's like the gym, but cheaper!)

This, on the other hand, is a picture of the board in the Editorial Cube. While the Editorial Pit often refers to the entire editorial department, the Editorial Cube is where the dedicated editors sit, having forgone walls in our effort to achieve a more perfect editorial hive mind. (Not that the developers don't edit, of course, but if somebody's likely to start a knife fight over semicolon usage, they probably sit in the Cube.) This board represents our recent attempt to increase organization. You can determine for yourself whether or not we've been effective. And of course, you can rest easy knowing that all future subscription products will be Verne Approved™.

James Sutter

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Paizo Employee Developer

Long live editors!

Dark Archive

Whoa, Jules Verne was OGL compatible ?


Dark Archive

i like the idea that the editors are a 2D panicing face, since everyone else is on the boards...

Dark Archive

baron arem heshvaun wrote:

Whoa, Jules Verne was OGL compatible ?


That was before I killed his character at Gencon.

Sovereign Court

Zombie Jules Verne is rolling in his grave.

They've gone round the bend, they has.

M. Verne was once a guest at the Diogenes Club. You would shudder to know the things that he'd approve of... that is, you will shudder.

Mycroft Holmes wrote:
M. Verne was once a guest at the Diogenes Club. You would shudder to know the things that he'd approve of... that is, you will shudder.

You will have shuddering.

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