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The Fabled Appendix – James Jacobs (Part 2)

... The Fabled Appendix – James Jacobs (Part 2) Monday, March 16, 2009Today we continue the series on Paizo's Appendix N with the second part of my interview with James Jacobs, the editor-in-chief of Pathfinder. We pick up where we left off, as James finishes discussing his most important literary influences and closes the interview with an explanation of his favorite horror films. ... James: Stephen King's Dark Tower books were particularly influential, as they are as much magic and...
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Tags: Appendix N H. P. Lovecraft Interns Interviews James Jacobs John Carpenter Stephen King
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Northwest of Earth: The Complete Northwest Smith (Trade Paperback)

Science Fiction's Original Badass

... Science Fiction's Original Badass Tuesday, February 5, 2008I'd edited the thing twice, so I really should have expected it. Still, when Erik dropped our advance copy of Northwest of Earth down in front of me, the resounding whump it made was immensely satisfying. You have to understand that this thing is thick—a book measured less in pages than in pounds. And at the same price as all our other Planet Stories installments to date—$12.99—Northwest Smith is a steal for...
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Tags: C. L. Moore H. P. Lovecraft Northwest of Earth Planet Stories
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GameMastery Module J3: Crucible of Chaos (OGL)

Monster of Madness

... Monster of Madness Thursday, January 17, 2008We had expected, upon looking back, to see a terrible and incredible moving entity if the mists were thin enough; but of that entity we had formed a clear idea. What we did see—for the mists were indeed all too maliguly thinned—was something altogether different, and immeasurably more hideous and detestable. It was the utter, objective embodiment of the fantastic novelist's 'thing that should not be...' ... ...It was a terrible,...
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Tags: H. P. Lovecraft Monsters Pathfinder Modules
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KARZOUG FHTAGN! Friday, November 30, 2007I've mentioned before my...

KARZOUG FHTAGN! Friday, November 30, 2007I've mentioned before my fondness for H. P. Lovecraft and his mythos of insane and malignant Great Old Ones, and starting in Pathfinder #4, the world of Golarion gets its first real taste of the Cthulhu Mythos—pictured here is a hound of Tindalos, one of the new monsters in this volume's bestiary. ... These strange time-traveling, soul-eating monstrosities were invented by Frank Belknap Long back in 1929 in his short story, The Hounds of...
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Tags: H. P. Lovecraft Monsters Rise of the Runelords
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