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Pathfinder Society: News from the Field

... Pathfinder Society: News from the Field Monday, February 7, 2011As the days get longer and the snows begin to melt (okay, so maybe not the last part) word comes in from Pathfinder Society events throughout the world, proving that it takes only a month for our esteemed agents to recover from the inevitable lull of the holiday season to pick up adventure and exploration anew on the cusp of spring. ... Photography by Adam Daigle ... In Houston, Texas, nearly 30 tables of Pathfinder Society...
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Tags: Adam Daigle Community Conventions Joe Wilson Pathfinder Society

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New Year's Resolution: Recycle Less!

... New Year's Resolution: Recycle Less! Monday, January 24, 2011With the advent of a new calendar year, we here on the Pathfinder Society Organized Play creative team have, like so many others during this season, made a New Year's resolution. No, it's not that we'll eat less junk food, nor is it that we'll exercise more (we are gamers, after all). It's actually something I expect some readers may be upset to hear: we're making an effort to recycle less. ... Use recycled art, I mean. ......
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Tags: Hags Joe Wilson Monsters Pathfinder Society Pathfinder Society Scenarios

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The Lost Pathfinder—Chapter Four: Behind The Curtain

The Lost Pathfinderby Dave Gross ... Chapter Four: Behind The CurtainA good crack on the skull is worse than you might think. Assuming it doesn't kill you, there's a good chance it'll soften your brain, cross your eyes, destroy your sense of smell, or leave any of a dozen other unpleasant reminders of that time you were stupid enough to walk past the hiding spot of the hellspawn assassin you were meant to be sneaking up on. ... But I'm not whining, and it's not like I hadn't been knocked cold...
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Tags: Dave Gross Joe Wilson The Lost Pathfinder Pathfinder Tales

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The Lost Pathfinder—Chapter Two: The Bunyip Dock

The Lost Pathfinderby Dave Gross ... Chapter Two: The Bunyip DockVincenzo smiled feebly when he saw me. His tiny mouth and buckteeth gave him the look of a ferret. I smiled back, and he bolted up the crooked stairs. ... I found Vincenzo right where Mac said I would, in a small warehouse abutting the Bunyip Dock. Even in the heart of the Cheapside districts, the sagging pier was a lonely place. Some of the local toughs, including me, liked to take a woman there if time was short and she wasn't...
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Tags: Dave Gross Joe Wilson The Lost Pathfinder Pathfinder Tales

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