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Ecology of the Pathfinder Product, Part 3: An Outbreak of Art

... Ecology of the Pathfinder Product, Part 3: An Outbreak of Art Tuesday, October 5, 2009 ... Illustration by Crystal Frasier ... Cave raptors are sated; It's time to blog! ... As it stands, Dwarves of Golarion is now written and assembled by its loving developer. Though awkward and gangly, we can see what it will finally grow up into. But at this point, this happy child is nothing more than a text document in the daycare that is a documents folder, happy rolling in the mud and receiving...
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Tags: Crystal Frasier Dwarves Ecology of the Paizo Product Goblins Jeremy McHugh Monsters Paizo Pathfinder Player Companion
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Pathfinder Companion: Dwarves of Golarion (PFRPG)

Dwarves of Golarion

... Dwarves of Golarion Tuesday, September 8, 2009Kazmur here had a nice, relaxing weekend. When you're a dwarf, you celebrate your work as much as you do your time off. And when your job is to chisel your king's face onto the side of the mountain, you know that your people will be admiring your work for generations to come. Also, you have sweet job security. ... Illustrations by Jeremy McHugh ... Sean K Reynolds ... Developer, Pathfinder Companion ...
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Tags: Dwarves Jeremy McHugh Pathfinder Player Companion
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