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Faces of Korvosa

Now that the hardcover edition of Curse of the Crimson Throne is out, countless groups of adventures are going to have the chance to meet the vast cast of NPCs featured in this campaign. The images in this blog post serve to highlight several, but not all, of the individuals you will be encountering or at least hearing a bout during the Adventure Path. For the player, consider the following information as common knowledge to anyone who's spent a few years living in Korvosa, while for the GM, the accompanying illustrations are great play aids to show during the game when the PCs are interacting with the NPC in question!

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Tags: Andrew Hou Curse of the Crimson Throne Imaginary Friends Studios Irina Kuzmina Julie Dillion Kremena Chipilova Nikolai Ostertag Pathfinder Adventure Path

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GameMastery Face Cards: Friends & Foes Deck

So... Are the Body Cards Coming Out Next Month?

... So... Are the Body Cards Coming Out Next Month? Thursday, December 10, 2009There's some nonsense about face cards coming out. On the one hand, I GM, and would find them very nice to have. On the other hand, my players tend to lump NPCs into two groups, one of which is rated R but not for violence, the other is dismemberable. They are motivated by things like money and loot, and if an old lady on a card asks them to get her cat out of a tree, they'll write hobo, no money, hope cat dies,...
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Tags: Andrew Hou Cards GameMastery Imaginary Friends Studios Orcs Portraits Udon
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