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Pathfinder Adventure Path #89: Palace of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods 5 of 6) (PFRPG)

Wrapping Up Iron Gods

The Iron Gods Adventure Path wraps up this month with Pathfinder Adventure Path #90: The Divinity Drive and the Giantslayer Adventure Path is set to launch next month with Pathfinder Adventure Path #91: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill, so to tie things off we'd like to share a few pieces of the excellent artwork that appeared throughout Iron Gods. Enjoy!

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Tags: Brynn Metheney Dmitry Burmak Iron Gods J.P. Targete Kari Christensen Miguel Regodón Harkness Pathfinder Adventure Path Tatiana Vetrova

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #91: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill (Giantslayer 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

The Giants Are Coming!

It's nearly February, which means it's almost time for the next Pathfinder Adventure Path, Giantslayer! And it all kicks off with Pathfinder Adventure Path #91: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill. Fans of the orc hold of Belkzen should get kick out of this first installment, which starts in the human town of Trunau in Belkzen, and while you'll see plenty of orcs at the beginning of this Adventure Path, we move into giantslaying territory pretty quickly. In fact, the PCs will have to face their first giant before the Battle of Bloodmarch Hill is finished!

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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Ekaterina Burmak Giantslayer Maichol Quinto Miguel Regodon Harkness Pathfinder Adventure Path

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Clash With the Lords of Rust

As the release date for Pathfinder Adventure Path #86: "Lords of Rust" nears, I thought I'd share a few details on what readers can expect. I don't want to spoil too much about the adventure itself, so I'll mention that it takes place in a giant junkyard and the PCs have to navigate all sorts of dangers and complicated relationships between various gangs. It was also written by a maniac. Most people know him by his human name, Nicolas Logue.

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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Iron Gods Johan Grenier Migueal Regodón Pathfinder Adventure Path

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Occult Mysteries (PFRPG)

What's In the Box?!

When we decided to make this month's Pathfinder Campaign Setting volume, >Occult Mysteries, the development team had perhaps the most fun I can remember in almost 4 years at Paizo coming up with the different setting-specific mysteries we wanted to explore in the book.

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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Helge C. Balzer Milivoj Ceran Pathfinder Campaign Setting

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Pathfinder Cards: Shattered Star Face Cards

Enhance Your Game with the Shattered Star Face Cards!

I'm a big fan of Face Cards. In my own games I have used cards from multiple sets both to depict NPCs and to inspire creatively blocked players during character generation. Face Cards add a lot of depth and color to any game. The Shattered Star Face Cards, available now, are no exception! These cards depict notable characters from the Shattered Star Adventure Path, but the faces are also intriguing and evocative even if, like me, you haven't had the chance to play though Shattered Star yet.

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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Dmitry Prosvirnin Miguel Harkness Pathfinder Adventure Path Pathfinder Cards Shattered Star

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #69: Maiden, Mother, Crone (Reign of Winter 3 of 6)

All the Legs!

There's something I'm sure many of you don't know about our Art Director Andrew Vallas. He has a thing for creatures with multiple limbs—multiple legs, specifically. At least six to be sure. To keep our awesome Art Director happy, I made sure to order a few multi-legged creatures for the Bestiary in Pathfinder #69: Mother, Maiden, Crone for his enjoyment. Not that the whole bestiary is a chorus line of horrible monstrosities, mind you. (There are only really two monsters that fit the bill, but considering the centaurs of the Dvezda Marches in Iobaria are each bringing four legs to the party, there are a lot of legs to make a bipedal creature jealous.)

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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Milivoj Ceran Pathfinder Adventure Path Reign of Winter

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #68: The Shackled Hut (Reign of Winter 2 of 6) (PFRPG)

Welcome to Whitethrone!

Enjoy the splendid weather! Taste the local flavor!* Meet new and interesting people!

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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Jason Rainville Miguel Regodón Pathfinder Adventure Path Reign of Winter

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #67: The Snows of Summer (Reign of Winter 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

Bundle Up!

As we ease into February, we're getting ready to launch the Reign of Winter Adventure Path and we thought we'd share a bit of art with everyone from the first volume, "The Snows of Summer" by Neil Spicer. I've been filled with anticipation for this Adventure Path's release, and I can't wait for all of you to see it too. The overall look of the AP is amazing, and credit for this goes to the Art Department and their stable of excellent artists. I'll talk a bit more about the Adventure Path as a whole a little later when we release the Reign of Winter Player's Guide, so keep your eyes open for that announcement here on the blog. For now, feast your eyes on these wonderful pieces of art!

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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Dmitry Prosvirnin Pathfinder Adventure Path Reign of Winter Robert Pitturru

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #62: Curse of the Lady's Light (Shattered Star 2 of 6) (PFRPG)

Week of Free!*

... Illustration by ... Dmitry Burmak Week of Free!* Thursday, September 20, 2012 Earlier this week we gave you the Pathfinder RPG: Beginner Box Transitions download and now we present you with something else with a free price tag. ... For those of you who have Curse of the Lady's Light (either in your paws or downloaded onto the digital perusal device of your choice) you might have read James's foreword where he mentions something about a free web enhancement. In that foreword, he explains...
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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Pathfinder Adventure Path Shattered Star Web Enhancement

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Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box

Strategic Redesigns: Bestiary Box Preview

Strategic Redesigns: Bestiary Box Preview Tuesday, July 10, 2012 When planning for the Bestiary Box, we knew there were a few monsters that needed new art. They either didn’t fit in the pawn format, they were monster variants, or they were just missing art. There were also a handful of monsters that just deserved new art. ... Sure, the old art was suitable for the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, but we knew that sometimes it’s good to shake things up and do them over. There are many reasons to do...
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Tags: Dmitry Burmak Eric Belisle Monsters Pathfinder Pawns Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 3 (OGL)

Familiar Foes

Familiar Foes Thursday, December 8, 2011Having written several of the monsters for Bestiary 3 during my long-ago days as a freelancer (I can’t believe it’s almost been 6 months since I started work as a developer!), I have a lot of reasons to be excited for its upcoming debut. While it was fun working on the beasties from various mythologies, I would be lying if I said all of my favorites came from that background, because this book is simply so packed with monsters both new and old. For...
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Tags: Carolina Eade Dmitry Burmak Jean-Baptiste Reynaud Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Tyler Walpole

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings (PFRPG)

For Glory, Not Gold!

... Illustration by Dmitry Burmak and Daryl Mandryk. Widescreen version here. For Glory, Not Gold! Friday, September 2, 2011A lot of folks have long been clamoring for more Norse-inspired gaming goodness, and we've got that coming for you to the axe-hilt in the upcoming Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings. To get you in that northern Inner Sea mood in the meantime, here's an awesome Linnorm Kings wallpaper featuring the art of Dmitry Burmak and Daryl Mandryk. ......
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Tags: Daryl Mandryk Dmitry Burmak Linnorms Pathfinder Campaign Setting Wallpapers

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Combat (OGL)

Ultimate Combat Preview #2

... Ultimate Combat Preview #2 Tuesday, July 26, 2011During the preview banquet at PaizoCon this year, I boasted that Ultimate Combat had a gigantic feats chapter, which started off with a seven-page table, summarizing all the feats. While that is impressive, I realized later that I made a mistake—the feats table is nine pages long! ... This week we're going to take a look at the feats chapter a bit more closely, since it is such an important part of this book. This chapter contains 256...
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Tags: Design Tuesdays Dmitry Burmak Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Pathfinder Module: The Harrowing (PFRPG)

Don't Be Late for Your Very Important Date with the Harrowing!

... Illustrations by Yngvar Asplund and Dmitry Burmak. Widescreen version here. ... Don't Be Late for Your Very Important Date with the Harrowing! Friday, June 24, 2011It's no surprise that our childhoods influence who we are today. That's especially true for writers, since everything we do gets stored in our brains to be mashed together and filtered through our experiences, ready to jump out when the Muse strikes. The Harrowing, an adventure written by Crystal Frasier and designed for...
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Tags: Crystal Frasier Dmitry Burmak Pathfinder Modules Wallpapers Yngvar Asplund

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Pathfinder Module: The Harrowing (PFRPG)

Golarion Day: Prepare to Get Harrowed!

... Golarion Day: Prepare to Get Harrowed! Thursday, April 28, 2011So, we just shipped The Harrowing off to the printer. An adventure where you get sucked into a magical deck of harrow cards and end up interacting with some of the strangest characters we've published yet! Check 'em out! (Those of you who are familiar with the Harrow Deck will probably recognize these three folks...) ... Illustrations by Dmitry Burmak ... Also, you can tell when I forget to write a blog post until we get to a...
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Tags: Animals Dmitry Burmak Elves Golarion Thursdays Harrow Pathfinder Modules Rakshasas

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