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GameMastery Module D0: Hollow's Last Hope (OGL)

Arvormeigh, Nixie Rogue

... Arvormeigh, Nixie Rogue Monday, March 1, 2010 ... Illustration by Concept Art House ... Here's a bit of bonus material for the Pathfinder Module Realm of the Fellnight Queen. The RPG Superstar 2009 adventure by Neil Spicer originally featured this character in one encounter, but she ended up on the cutting room floor to make the adventure fit the page count. Now she's back and ready to annoy some PCs! Spoiler: Arvormeigh originally appeared in the Upper Pool area of the Dead Man's Drop...
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Tags: Concept Art House Fey Monsters Pathfinder Modules Rogues RPG Superstar Web Enhancement

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Pathfinder Companion: Qadira, Gateway to the East (PFRPG)

Qadira, Gateway to the East

... Qadira, Gateway to the East Monday, July 27, 2009Qadira, Gateway to the East is a bit unique. It got delayed by the Paizo snowpocalypse of 2008, and its revised release date placed it much closer to the release date of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. Rather than publishing a regional sourcebook and follow it a month later with the new rules, we secretly replaced its regular coffee with... I mean, secretly updated all the rules content to the Pathfinder RPG. So, technically, Qadira is a...
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Tags: Brian Cortijo Concept Art House Genies Pathfinder Player Companion Qadira
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Pathfinder Adventure Path #21:

Snagged from the Vault: Pathfinder #21—The Jackal's Price

... Artist: Concept Art House ... Snagged from the Vault: Pathfinder #21—The Jackal's Price Thursday, March 12, 2009Once again, the foolhardy Purloiners have braved the depths of the Vault of the Golem to bring you, our faithful readers, a glimpse of the future. Featured here today is the cover of Pathfinder Adventure Path volume #21—The Jackal's Price. Enjoy it, dear readers, before the Golem returns to claim his prize... ... Vadid and Nahk ... Preview Purloiners ... A strange...
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Tags: Concept Art House Gnolls Katapesh Legacy of Fire Monsters Snagged From the Vault
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Pathfinder #10—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 4:

Meet The Artists: Concept Art House

Meet The Artists: Concept Art House Monday, May 19, 2008So, it struck me that we haven't spent much time on this blog talking about art. We've shown off plenty of it, but remember, it all has to come from somewhere! Sometimes we go to specific artists to get illustrations for Pathfinder products, but we also work with several studios of artists as well. One of our favorites to work with is Concept Art House. ... Concept Art House is an international art studio/outsourcing company whose...
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Tags: Concept Art House Curse of the Crimson Throne Portraits Wallpapers
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