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The Swamp Warden—Chapter Two: Fear the Scaled Ones

The Swamp Wardenby Amber E. Scott ... Chapter Two: Fear the Scaled OnesThe oar cut into the water and pulled back, leaving swirling eddies of silt in its wake. Rhyn rowed with purpose, sliding the skiff around the boles of giant trees lifting out of the muck. The insects were no worse and no better. Frogs sang creaky songs in the darkness. ... Within an hour he'd reached the site of the strange fetish. It still hung, awkward and grim, from the tree branch. Rhyn tied the skiff to a stump and...
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Tags: Amber E. Scott Kyushik Shin Pathfinder Tales The Swamp Warden

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The Swamp Warden—Chapter One: Ripples in the Fen

The Swamp Wardenby Amber E. Scott ... Chapter One: Ripples in the FenFear the scaled ones. Rhyn had heard the expression from his parents and the other elders in the village his whole life, and they had heard the expression from their parents, and back farther than anyone could remember. No one knew who had first coined the phrase, but Rhyn knew whoever did had lived in a swamp, this one or another, for he had learned the lesson that the villagers of Crossfen now taught their youth. ... Fear...
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