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PaizoCon 2016

The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2016 from May 27 through May 30!
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates during the show, or track #paizocon.

We will return to the office on Tuesday, May 31.

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Pathfinder Tales: Death's Heretic

Pathfinder Author Chat Next Monday!

Pathfinder Author Chat Next Monday! Thursday, September 21st, 2011 Hey there, fiction fans! This coming Monday, September 26th, Pathfinder Tales author Dave Gross has set up an awesome Pathfinder Tales round table discussion in the Paizo chat room. Starting at 6:00pm PST, this is your chance to catch all of the current Pathfinder Tales novelists in one place, to offer your opinions and ask your burning questions (such as the all-important “Who would win, Elyana or Ellasif?”). The floor will...
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Tags: Dave Gross Death’s Heretic Elaine Cunningham Howard Andrew Jones James L. Sutter Master of Devils Pathfinder Tales Plague of Shadows Prince of Wolves Robin D. Laws Winter Witch The Worldwound Gambit

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The Worldwound Gambit Sample Chapter—Chapter Four: The Lockbreaker and the Distance Man

The Worldwound Gambit Sample Chapterby Robin D. Laws ... In The Worldwound Gambit, veteran con man Gad grows fed up with the demons constantly flooding into Mendev, and decides to handle the issue by stealing something the demons can't afford to lose. As we see in this chapter, the first step in any major heist is putting together the right team. ... Chapter Four: The Lockbreaker and the Distance ManA sprinkling of ash covers the scrubland weeds. As the three ride on, the ash grows denser....
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Tags: J. P. Targete Pathfinder Tales Robin D. Laws Sorcerers The Worldwound Gambit

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The Web Fiction Cometh!

The Web Fiction Cometh! Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 ... Illustration by Daren Bader ... Here at the Paizo headquarters, we know that our community is made up of busy folks. (After all, we're insanely busy, and we work at a company that makes books about goblins.) We know that the average person surfing our website probably has half a dozen tabs open, is following a dozen different messageboard conversations, is scrolling through his or her email—all while trying to look productive in case...
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Tags: Daren Bader Pathfinder Tales Robin D. Laws The Worldwound Gambit

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Pathfinder Tales: The Worldwound Gambit

New Books and Epubs!

New Books and Epubs! Wednesday, May 18, 2011It's an exciting day over here in the Pathfinder Tales department! Not only does today introduce the final chapter in Erik Mona's Two Pieces of Tarnished Silver (which you can read right here for free), but it's also the release date of two things that folks have been anxiously awaiting for a while now. ... Illustration by Daren Bader ... The first is Robin Laws' The Worldwound Gambit, a rollicking heist novel set in the demonic madness of the...
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Tags: Council of Thieves Curse of the Crimson Throne Daren Bader Dave Gross Elaine Cunningham James Sutter Jason Engle Legacy of Fire Pathfinder Adventure Path Pathfinder Tales Rise of the Runelords Robin D. Laws Second Darkness Web Fiction The Worldwound Gambit

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Pathfinder Tales: The Worldwound Gambit

What Happens in the Worldwound Stays in the Worldwound

... Illustration by Daren Bader. Wallpaper design by Crystal Frasier. Widescreen version here. ... What Happens in the Worldwound Stays in the Worldwound Friday, March 25, 2011Oceans 666—that's the best short description for Robin Laws's The Worldwound Gambit I've heard yet. Gambit is the fourth book in our Pathfinder Tales line and will be coming out in May, just in time to tuck it away in a bag and head to the beach. In this novel, preternaturally handsome and coolly charismatic...
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Tags: Crystal Frasier Daren Bader Demons Monsters Pathfinder Tales Rogues Wallpapers The Worldwound Gambit

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