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Orcs, Giant Scorpion Robots, and Barbarians: An Interview with Tyler Walpole

... Orcs, Giant Scorpion Robots, and Barbarians: An Interview with Tyler Walpole Wednesday, May 4, 2011A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Ed Greenwood, our Guest of Honor at PaizoCon 2011. This time I had the pleasure of interviewing Tyler Walpole, our Artist Guest of Honor this year. ... Tyler is one of those artists who just gets it. I don't think he's created a piece I don't love and it's going to be awesome to see him at PaizoCon this year. From orcs battling giant monsters...
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Tags: Constructs Free RPG Day Numeria Orcs PaizoCon Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Modules Pathfinder Player Companion Tyler Walpole

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We Have Ways of Making You Report

... We Have Ways of Making You Report Thursday, October 28, 2010Early this month I posed a challenge to the community to report their Pathfinder Society events in exchange for an extra-early preview of art from the forthcoming World Guide: The Inner Sea. Well, I'm overjoyed to report that the targets we set were the definition of an underestimate of what you folks were capable of. Not only did the number of events taking place in October surpass our monthly average, the total number of...
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Tags: Barbarians Constructs Monsters Numeria Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Society Tyler Walpole Vermin Wallpapers Gift Certificates
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