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This Week at Paizo

This Week at Paizo Friday, May 7, 2010It's been a busy week at Paizo... and we're not done yet. ... Sean The 'K' is for Konfident Reynolds reassures me of what he already knows.My desk midweek: ground zero for much chaos. (To answer the inevitable question here: Yes, I use them as bookmarks.) ... It may drive us crazy, but putting out so many products does make for some pretty awesome hauls. ... F. Wesley Schneider ... Managing Editor ...
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Tags: Azlant Game Mastering Mwangi Expanse Paizo Pathfinder Modules Pathfinder Player Companion Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Sean K Reynolds

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Pathfinder Module: From Shore to Sea (PFRPG)

Developer's Diary: They Came From Beneath the Sea!

... Developer's Diary: They Came From Beneath the Sea! Thursday, April 1, 2010As Wes mentioned a couple of weeks ago, our Open Design partnership project From Shore to Sea has had a few problems on its way through development and editing. But I'm happy to tell you that we are now in the final stages of getting this thing out the door and into your hands! ... Senior Art Director Sarah Robinson found a great artist, Damien Mammoliti, to pick up where the last one left off, and once that art...
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Tags: Andrew Hou Azlant Fighters Iconics Open Design Pathfinder Modules Valeros Wallpapers

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Pathfinder Module: From Shore to Sea (PFRPG)

The Best Laid Plans...

... The Best Laid Plans... Wednesday, March 17, 2010I hate airing our dirty laundry in public... ... Who am I kidding, I relish airing our dirty laundry in public, but professionalism and good taste often makes doing so... inadvisable. But this is a special situation and in this instance it's easy to talk around the specifics so to protect the innoce—well, in this case, to protect the guilty. As we've been trying to show off our editorial processes with this project, even more reason to...
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Tags: Azlant Dan Scott Ezren Fighters Iconics Kaer Maga Merisiel Monsters Open Design Paizo Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Modules Rogues Squid Valeros Wizards

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Pathfinder Module: From Shore to Sea (PFRPG)

Developer's Diary: Tentacles from the Deep

... Illustration by Anthony Jones ... Developer's Diary: Tentacles from the Deep Wednesday, February 3, 2010As one of my new duties here in Paizo's editorial pit, I've been asked to take on the development for the upcoming Pathfinder Module From Shore to Sea, designed and developed with the assistance of the patrons at Wolfgang Baur's Open Design Studio . The adventure is a fun-filled romp (some might say a terrifying delve) through sunken ruins, with ancient Azlanti technology and undersea...
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Tags: Anthony Jones Azlant Pathfinder Modules

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