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The Paizo office will be closed on Monday, February 20.
We will be returning on Tuesday, February 21.

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But Wait... There's More!

But Wait... There's More! Wednesday, January 5, 2011 ... Illustration by Colby Stevenson ... If you've been following the free weekly web fiction, then you've probably already noticed that today brings you the fourth installment of Ed Greenwood's Guns of Alkenstar, a mystery set deep in the steaming, clanging depths of Alkenstar's legendary Gunworks. The fourth installment—but not the final one. ... That's right—while web fiction stories are normally broken into no more than four...
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Sound the Guns of Alkenstar

Sound the Guns of Alkenstar Wednesday, December 15, 2010One of the great things about being an editor at Paizo is not just working with some of the best new folks in the gaming industry, but also having the opportunity to approach some of the best old-school folks, those writers and designers who influenced you as a young gamer, or whose imagination set a stage that now feels too large and organic to have ever been created from whole cloth. ... Ed Greenwood is one of the latter. While still...
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