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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Sealed Heroes, Sealed Friends

The Pathfinder Society recently won the Sargava Chalice in the eponymous footrace, but few know that the trophy cup is actually a cyclops relic dating back to Ghol-Gan. In Pathfinder Society Scenario #8-21: Champion's Chalice, Part 2: Agents of the Eye, the PCs carry the chalice deep into the Kaava Lands, where the relic can grant them a unique window into the past and a fallen empire. Author Nicholas Herold takes us to a long-forgotten corner of Golarion's history in this Tier 1-5 scenario, and it's up to the PCs to avert an imminent crisis with the help of desperate allies.

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Tags: Javier Charro Organized Play PaizoCon PaizoCon 2017 Pathfinder Society Pathfinder Society Scenarios Sebastian Rodriguez

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Heroes of the High Court (PFRPG)

We're So Fancy, You Already Know

Amanda Hamon Kunz and Jason Keeley teamed up as the lead developers of Heroes of the High Court, a Pathfinder Player Companion that takes adventurers to the royal courts and noble houses of Golarion. Let's see what they have to say about the lords and ladies of high society.

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Tags: Bryan Syme Javier Charro Mavaro Occultists Pathfinder Player Companion

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Goblins Burn! Class Deck

Goblins Again?!

Before I jump into this week’s preview of the upcoming Goblins Burn! deck, I would like to mention that several Paizo products have been nominated for ENnie awards, including the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Card Game Base Set. I encourage you to visit the ENnies 2016 Election page to cast your votes.

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Tags: Adventure Card Guild Goblins Javier Charro Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Pathfinder Society

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PaizoCon Brings Out the Best

Convention season for us is a lot like hosting a large gathering of family and friends for a major holiday: preparing way more dishes than usual, aiming for more spectacular fare than we would otherwise cook, and fretting about whether great-aunt Matilda will critique how we made the pie crust. From dicing the first onion to the moment where everyone sits down and takes the first bite of food, there’s always the question of whether everything turned out just right. Sometimes, though, you can just tell that everything’s fallen into place before even seeing your guests’ expressions. In my extended analogy, while Tonya, Todd Morgan, and Bob Jonquet have handled our seating arrangements and sending out invitations, I think my co-chefs Linda, Thurston Hillman, and Jason Keeley can agree that the menu this year turned out great.

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