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Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths of Purity (PFRPG)

Paizo Is Divine

... Illustration by Sara Forlenza. Wallpaper design by Crystal Frasier. Widescreen version here. ... Paizo Is Divine Friday, February 18, 2011It's been a divine week here at Paizo. On Wednesday we talked a little about Faiths of Purity, a book that discusses in depth the good-aligned gods and the role of religion and faith on Golarion. In that post we spoiled the code that paladins of Shelyn live by, which you can read about by clicking here. ... Yesterday, James Jacobs gave us the subdomains...
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Tags: Crystal Frasier Paladins Pathfinder Player Companion Sara Forlenza Shelyn Wallpapers

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Faiths of Purity (PFRPG)

You Gotta Have Faith!

You Gotta Have Faith! Wednesday, February 16, 2011In the next month or so the next book in our Pathfinder Player Companion line will be released. Faiths of Purity isn't a book about the gods. It's not even just about their clerics. It's really a book about the vast masses of the faithful, the worshipers of the gods of absolute good and their place on Golarion. It's about the living religion, and how that religion ties into the everyday lives of its followers. More importantly, it outlines the...
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Tags: Paladins Pathfinder Player Companion Sara Forlenza Shelyn

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Gazetteer (OGL)

A Duo of Deities—Shelyn

A Duo of Deities Thursday, May 8, 2008The Pathfinder Chronicles Gazetteer is out now and receiving rave reviews. In case you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, here's an excerpt of what you're missing. I have a soft spot for Shelyn, since she was my first major contribution to the campaign setting, so here's the first official look at her, straight from the pages of the Gaz. ... ShelynThe Eternal Rose ... Goddess of beauty, art, love, and music ... Alignment: NG ... Domains: Air,...
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Tags: Gods and Magic Shelyn Zon-Kuthon
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