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Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Prophecy

Behind Pirate's Prophecy

See, Chris is one of those authors that editors like me dream about. Not only is he a fabulous writer, perfectly balancing action and character development, but he also lives and breathes Pathfinder. He knows Golarion inside and out, and has a mastery of the rules that never ceases to amaze me. (Seriously, if you only knew the number of times he's brought up an interesting corner case or rules exploit that caused hours of discussion among the designers and developers...) Combined, those two aspects of his writing make his books a delight to read, both as a reader and as a gamer. How would naval combat work in Pathfinder? What kinds of magical defenses would a Chelish ship have? How could a naga best disguise herself as human? How might a sorcerer use magic to infiltrate a coven of paranoid witches? Chris uses the rules of magic not just as a storyteller looking to forward a plot, but as a person living in that world would, which means there's always something I can take away from his books for use at the gaming table.

Tags: Chris A. Jackson Eric Belisle Pathfinder Tales

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PaizoCon 2016 is Coming—Badges and Special Guests Announced!

Are you ready for PaizoCon? We are! Join us this year at PaizoCon 2016, where there will be 4 days of gaming, panels, workshops, costumes, and opportunities to be among the first to hear about future Paizo and Pathfinder projects. You'll be able to meet up with Paizo staff, community members and fans, as well as many authors, artists and designers from the gaming industry. This year we're also very proud to announce that our guests of honor will be Nicolas Logue and Tyler Walpole! You can learn more about them here.

Tags: Conventions PaizoCon

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Class Deck: Goblins Fight!

A Little Comic Relief

We have been working hard on the soon-to-launch Season of the Runelords (we're previewing it this weekend at Winter Fantasy in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and it's not too late to get in on that!) and we're trying something a little different this time.

Tags: Adventure Card Guild Class Decks Conventions Goblins Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Pathfinder Comics Pathfinder Society Season of the Runelords

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OPC Log—1 Calistril 4716

This month finds me traveling to two conventions. On February 3rd, I'm off to Winter Fantasy in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Tanis and I will launch the Season of the Runelords for the Adventure Card Guild. We've got a full slate of events—RPG scenarios and quests, as well as the ACG games and open play. There's plenty of space, so come on out and join me! With a new season comes a new organized play guide, so look for the new Adventure Card Game guide on later this week. After a few days back in Seattle, I fly to Minnaepolis-St. Paul for Con of the North. Starting with a meet & greet Friday morning and ending with an RPG session on Sunday night, I've got a full slate of games planned. I can't wait to roll dice with other Society members. If you're attending, stop by and say hi!

Tags: Pathfinder Society

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Iconic Heroes Set 5—THE REAL DEAL

Howdy, minis hounds! Last week, while I was trapped in the dreaded Paizo Conference Room (CR 23), the able Chris Lambertz took the wheel to show off digital renders of WizKids' incredible Iconic Heroes Set 5 for the Pathfinder Battles line of prepainted plastic miniatures.

Tags: Adowyn Enora Iconic Heroes Kess Miniatures Oloch Pathfinder Battles Zadim

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Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Prophecy

Pirate's Prophecy Sample Chapter

In Pirate's Prophecy, Captain Torius Vin has given up the pirate life in order to bring freedom to others. Along with his loyal crew and Celeste, the ship's snake-bodied navigator and Torius's one true love, the captain of the Stargazer uses a lifetime of piratical tricks to capture slave galleys and set the prisoners free. But when the crew's old friend and secret agent Vreva Jhafe uncovers rumors of a terrifying new magical weapon in devil-ruled Cheliax—one capable of wiping the abolitionist nation of Andoran off the map—will even their combined forces be enough to stop a navy backed by Hell itself?

Tags: Chris A. Jackson Pathfinder Tales Remko Troost

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #105: The Inferno Gate (Hell's Vengeance 3 of 6) (PFRPG)

Meet the Villains—Emil Kovkorin

The countdown to the Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path continues, as we reveal the next iconic villain that will appear in Paizo's first Adventure Path for evil characters! Today we present the iconic assassin, Emil Kovkorin. Check out Pathfinder Adventure Path #105: The Inferno Gate for Emil's full stat block, and keep an eye out for the upcoming Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide, which contains all of the new iconic villains for use as pregenerated characters!

Tags: Emil Hell's Vengeance Iconics Meet the Iconics Pathfinder Adventure Path Wayne Reynolds

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Back to Cherished Haunts

I recently returned from Columbia, South Carolina, where I was a guest at SCARAB, a gaming convention with a very strong Pathfinder Society presence operated by Regional Venture-Coordinator Delbert Collins II. This was my fifth year making the trip, and it's always a really great opportunity to see familiar faces, play a few adventures, and shout my throat raw while GMing. The kill count stayed relatively modest, barring two gentlemen laid low during Pathfinder Society Scenario #7-11: Ancients' Anguish who acknowledged their characters' demise with admirable grace and both came back to life in order to finish what they had started. I also enjoyed my first chance to actually play Pathfinder Society Special #6-98: Serpents Rise, as presented by Venture-Captain Matt Polkowsky.

Tags: Conventions Marko Horvatin Pathfinder Society Pathfinder Society Scenarios

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Out Adventuring, Be Back Soon

Hey, Pathfinder Battles fans! Erik is currently sequestered in meetings and other important Paizo happenings, so I'm stepping in to take the blog wheel this week.

Tags: Adowyn Enora Iconic Heroes Kess Miniatures Oloch Pathfinder Battles Rusty Dragon Inn Zadim

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Gen Con 2016 Call for Volunteers!

Paizo is once again a co-sponsor of Gen Con 2016. As with last year, we will have a booth & card game demos in the Exhibition Hall, seminars in the Convention Center, and Pathfinder Society running in the Sagamore Ballroom.

Tags: Conventions Gen Con Pathfinder Society

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Pathfinder Tales: Death's Heretic

Free Pathfinder Tales Audiobook!

Audible has just released the second wave of Pathfinder Tales novels, which means that every Pathfinder Tales novel published to date is now available on! Yet there's even a bigger announcement that I've been waiting for months to spill, and now I finally can:

Tags: James L. Sutter Pathfinder Tales

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A New Wave of Iconic Heroes Promo Cards!

Here at PACG Headquarters, we love making promo cards! Sometimes, we get a little... out there. For example, Sweet Dragon Costume is a goblin in a kobold suit who is so completely convinced that he's a dragon that he can scare monsters to death.

Tags: Iconic Heroes Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Pathfinder Tales: Bloodbound

Bloodbound Reddit AMA—Ask Wes All Your Questions!

Paizo's Editor-in-Chief and Pathfinder Tales: Bloodbound author, F. Wesley Schneider is taking all your questions over on Reddit's r/fantasy today. Hop in on his Ask Me Anything thread and pick his brain about writing Bloodbound, the creepiest corners of the Pathfinder campaign setting, fantasy world building, what's coming next, or whatever—anything goes!

Tags: Community F. Wesley Schneider Pathfinder Tales

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #91: Battle of Bloodmarch Hill (Giantslayer 1 of 6) (PFRPG)

You Are What You Choose to Be

I find that every time I take time off to visit family at the end of the year, I bring a project to work on in my spare time. As I packed my bags and finished my last minute Christmas shopping, the Adventure Path section of my Pathfinder bookshelf begged my attention. There huddled Iron Gods and Giantslayer between a support group of other volumes, staring out at me with what I surely imagined were the tear-streaked puppy dog eyes of misfit toys positively quivering with sadness. This hallucinatory guilt trip continued, even as I tried to show that I had downloaded all twelve PDFs for review as though it were some sci-fi version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Even while I watched the latest Star Wars installment with my family, I had the premonition that some Ghost of Christmas Past were hovering over my shoulder asking, "Rey gets a spaceship. Why can't we have spaceships in Pathfinder Society?" By the end of it, I was running through the rain-flooded streets of the southeast United States, shouting holiday well wishes, hefting Tiny Tim on my shoulders, and telling him how to be one of Hell's Rebels.

Tags: Giantslayer Iron Gods Pathfinder Adventure Path Pathfinder Society

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Pull Up a Stool (The Rusty Dragon Inn Debrief)

The Rusty Dragon Inn set of prepainted plastic Pathfinder Battles fantasy gaming figures is officially out and available in the wild! You can pick them up from your local retailer order the figures by case or brick, or select your favorites from the list of singles available from the set. I've been hearing from folks with an Ongoing Case Subscription that subscriber cases have begun to arrive, and as you're all opening your minis or deciding which ones to get, I'd like to take a moment to look at the set as a whole and share some of my thoughts about how it came together, and how it turned out.

Tags: Miniatures Pathfinder Battles Rusty Dragon Inn

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Vote for Your Favorite Pathfinder Society Mini!

A few weeks ago, I announced the first in a series of competitions aimed toward Pathfinder Society members. The response illustrates the fantastic talents our players possess. While their creations graced tables, it took being in the right place at the right time to admire them. On that note, thank you to the artists for sharing your creations. Submitting items for public perusal can be daunting and I appreciate your willingness to let us look.

Tags: Community Contests Pathfinder Society

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Arcane Anthology (PFRPG)

Throw the Spellbook at 'Em!

What harm could there be from reading a book? I think we all know the answer to that, but for those that prepare their spells, damaging your foes is just one of the many options available in Pathfinder Player Companion: Arcane Anthology... And I'm going to pass on a few of these arcane secrets to you!

Tags: Kenneth Solis Melvin Chan Pathfinder Player Companion

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Class Deck: Oracle

Class Decks Update

I wanted to give you an update on the Class Decks distribution schedule, since it's gotten a little wonky. We hit some unfortunate delays in the product chain, such that our Druid Class Deck came out in December instead of October, and the Barbarian Class Deck is coming out in February instead of January. We're very sorry about the delays, but we think you'll be happy with the results. To keep your appetite whetted, I'll talk a little about characters from a range of upcoming Class Decks, as well as their associated Iconic Heroes promo cards.

Tags: Class Decks Iconic Heroes Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Let's Be Clear

Happy New Year, everyone! As we return from our holiday vacations, John, Tonya and, I have been diving into some projects that have been sitting on the Pathfinder Society back burner for some time. We are happy to announce the release of the first of these projects—the Pathfinder Society Campaign Clarifications Document.

Tags: Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Player Companion Pathfinder Society

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The Rusty Dragon Inn is Open for Business!

Welcome to the first 2016 edition of the Friday Publisher Preview, where I show off upcoming Paizo releases, usually (but not always!) for the Pathfinder Battles line of prepainted plastic gaming figures. While I don't have any brand new images of upcoming miniatures to show this week, I do want to pop the cork off a bottle of champagne and celebrate the official release of The Rusty Dragon Inn, the latest set!

Tags: Miniatures Pathfinder Battles Rusty Dragon Inn

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Authors Playing Pathfinder, Round 1!

Over the summer, we had the opportunity to run Pathfinder games for a bunch of amazing fantasy and science fiction authors—and the first teaser video just went live!

Tags: Pathfinder Tales

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Characters in the Flesh!

Keep calm and costume on—PaizoCon is only 142 days away!

Tags: Community Conventions Costumes

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OPC Log—4 Abadius 4716

Yesterday saw my return from the frozen north. It seems I brought some of the white stuff with me as western Washington weather takes a plunge into ice and snow. Makes me want to curl up in front of a fire with a steaming cup of cocoa and a fluffy blanket. Instead, I will grab a mug and chat with you all for a bit.

Tags: Conventions Pathfinder Society

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"Spooky? Do You Think I'm Spooky?" The Year in Review

Another year is in the bag, and with it, thousands of pages of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game content, ranging from new a whole new range of psychic classes in Occult Adventures to facing off against the demons of the Abyss in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous! Here's a few highlights from 2015.

Tags: Dave Allsop Donald Crank Emiliano Petrozzi Géraude Soulié Jaime Martinez Kiki Moch Rozky Nikolai Ostertag Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Pathfinder Adventure Path Pathfinder Campaign Setting Pathfinder Module Pathfinder Player Companion Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Tom Babbey

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #104: Wrath of Thrune (Hell's Vengeance 2 of 6) (PFRPG)

Meet the Villains—Linxia Benzekri

The countdown to the Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path continues, as we reveal the next iconic villain that will appear in Paizo's first Adventure Path for evil characters! Today we get our first glimpse of the iconic Hellknight, Linxia Benzekri. Check out Pathfinder Adventure Path #104: Wrath of Thrune for Linxia's full stat block, and keep an eye out for the upcoming Hell's Vengeance Player's Guide, which contains all of the new iconic villains for use as pregenerated characters!

Tags: Hell's Vengeance Hellknights Iconics Linxia Meet the Iconics Pathfinder Adventure Path Wayne Reynolds

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

2015 has been a good year for Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild adventures. We set some ambitious goals, including doubling the number of interactive special events and providing several new exclusive scenarios that let players portray Aspis Consortium agents and the kobolds that live below Absalom—far more ways for aspiring 5-star GMs to run their 10 special adventures. We reassembled the powerful Sky Key and activated it to see what would happen. We have since struck back against the Aspis Consortium for its unprovoked (okay, only somewhat provoked) attack on the Grand Lodge in this first half of the Year of the Serpent, and there's more excitement to come in 2016.

Tags: Dion Harris Pathfinder Society Pathfinder Society Scenarios

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Seasons Greetings from the Paizo Crew!

This year we ventured back to Cheliax for a fight against the forces of evil in Hell's Rebels (to be followed by an accompanying foray as the forces of evil in Hell's Vengeance in early 2016), kicked demon butt in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game with Wrath of the Righteous, detailed the peoples and races of Golarion in Inner Sea Races, shook up the Pathfinder RPG with Pathfinder Unchained, as well as pulled back the veil on the world beyond in Occult Adventures. We also struck partnerships with Audible and TOR to bring you Pathfinder Tales in exciting new formats (like Kindle and Audible Audiobook), and explored the world of our iconic characters in the Pathfinder Origins comic series.

Tags: Dave Allsop Paizo

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A Visit from St. Pathfinder

Twas the week before Christmas
And Vic's on vacation
So I'm using this "Yule blog"
To share my admiration

Tags: Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Let's Be Bad

The second issue of Pathfinder Hollow Mountain just debuted, bringing along with it an unsettling revelation. As it turns out, Seoni, Valeros, Kyra, Merisiel, and Ezren aren't the only adventurers exploring Thassilon's ruins. Demons and undead, deadly traps and lethal magic fill the ancient halls of Hollow Mountain, but those threats pale in comparison to four of Pathfinder's most unscrupulous iconics: Meligaster, Damiel, Oloch, and—of course, my personal favorite—Seltyiel.

Tags: Hollow Mountain Pathfinder Comics

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OPC Log—21 Kuthona 4715

With just ten days left in 2015, this will be my last blog for the year. Next week John will give us some insight on our upcoming scenarios, and then it's on to the new year. Last week, I hinted that you should get out your paintbrushes and arm your glue guns—I hope you did, as I am pleased to announce the first in a series of Pathfinder Society contests!

Tags: Contests Pathfinder Society

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A Tale of Two Morgans

Making December's Pathfinder Adventure Path SoundPack for the second chapter of Hell's Rebels has been amazing! Not only because I got to build a complete SoundSet for underwater exploration and combat (so cool, making all my normal sounds wishy washy and strangely muted), not only because I got to build a Xorn, and a Rope Golem (except I can't call either of them by their real names, because OGL), but mainly because I got to work with two of my favourite voice actors again.

Tags: Hell's Rebels Licensed Products Music Pathfinder Adventure Path Syrinscape
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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods (PFRPG) Hardcover

The Ritual of Stardust

The caravan pulled into the campsite. Suso watched from the safety of the wagon while the adults made camp and tended to the animals. The mild winter meant an extended traveling season, but tonight their wandering paused long enough to celebrate the Ritual of Stardust. While most of their celebrations of Desna arose spontaneously, the longest night and the longest day each year held special reverence and rituals for the caravan's patron goddess. The company had stopped two days early to give enough time to prepare for the special night.

Tags: Pathfinder Society

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #100: A Song of Silver (Hell's Rebels 4 of 6) (PFRPG)

Inside Pathfinder #100

Last week, James gave a run down on the path to Pathfinder #100 in this blog. Now I'm here to talk a bit about the contents of this special volume—Pathfinder Adventure Path #100: A Song of Silver.

Tags: Dave Allsop Dmitry Burmak Eric Belisle Hell's Rebels Jason Engle Matias Tapia Pathfinder Adventure Path Wallpapers

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire (PFRPG)

Sign a Deal with the Devil!

Hungry for all the diabolical details about Cheliax, the nation at the heart of the Hell's Rebels and Hell's Vengeance Adventure Paths? Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Cheliax, the Infernal Empire has you covered!

Tags: Alexandur Alexandrov Bryan Sola Cheliax Konstantin Vavilov Pathfinder Campaign Setting Tomasz Chistowski

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Behind Bloodbound

Wes and I have been working together—and writing together—for more than a decade at this point. Fun fact: While Wes had previously published adventures with other companies before he started here, we both made our first adventure sale to Dungeon in the same issue—and the same adventure! We co-wrote "Shut-In" in Dungeon #128, and teamed up again on "The Lightless Depths" in the Savage Tide Adventure Path. Though creative differences on the latter almost resulted in parking lot knife-fights, I've learned a ton from him over the years, and I like to think he'd say the same for me. (Though probably not if I'm in the room—we have to maintain some standards.)

Tags: F. Wesley Schneider Pathfinder Tales Roberto Pitturru

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December Adventure Card Guild Updates

It was a long ride over heaps and hordes of demons (and probably more than a few brave crusaders), but Season of the Righteous is finally coming to its glorious end. Let's recap the story so far with a whole lot of spoilers:

Tags: Adventure Card Guild Class Decks Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Season of the Righteous

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OPC Log—14 Kuthona 4715

Where has the time gone? It feels like I started at Paizo yesterday, but looking at the calendar I've worked here 11 weeks. What a busy time! Lots of things going on! Thought I would take a moment and give a status update on several of the projects I've worked on over the past three months.

Tags: Pathfinder Society

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A New Look at Some Old Friends

With the January release date for The Rusty Dragon Inn right around the corner and everything entering "pause" territory for the upcoming holiday, I don't have any new figures to show off for this week's Pathfinder Battles previews. I DO, however, have a few new images of some old friends to show off, so in the holiday spirit, I thought I'd share a look at actual final figures from December's Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Set 4. (These figures hit the Paizo warehouse too late to go out with December subscription shipments, and will be fulfilled in late-December/January)

Tags: Iconic Heroes Miniatures Pathfinder Battles

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Pathfinder Adventure Path #100: A Song of Silver (Hell's Rebels 4 of 6) (PFRPG)

A Silver Centennial

It surely doesn't feel like 100 months have passed since "Burnt Offerings," the first volume of the Pathfinder Adventure Path, showed up on my desk. A lot has changed for me in those 100 months—I've moved my place of residence, my job's moved ITS place of residence, I've lost more than 150 pounds, I've gained countless new friends and industry contacts, and more. It hasn't all been good—some friends are gone, some doors have closed, and as THEY are fond of saying, "mistakes were made." But sitting here now, looking at the 100th volume of Pathfinder, I can categorically state that overall, things have gone really quite well over those past 100 months. I couldn't be prouder of how this volume turned out... or more nervous, frankly. I hope folks like the adventure!

Tags: Ekaterina Burmak Hell's Rebels Jaime Martinez Miguel Regodón Harkness Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Path Wayne Reynolds

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Pathfinder Module: The House on Hook Street (PFRPG)

House of Horrors!

I remember that I sent a really disturbing nursery rhyme to my players a few days before the first House on Hook Street sessions, and that it was sometime around 2007. A few weeks previously, our group had one of those typical post-game "the thrill-is-gone/I've-seen-it-all/memorized-the-bestiary/bought-the-tshirt" laments that we've all felt at some point, and I recall another player boldly challenged me for something truly fresh and surprising, but using existing materials. So, I picked up the gauntlet.

Tags: Brandon Hodge Pathfinder Modules Tomasz Chistowski

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Pathfinder Tales: Bloodbound

Bloodbound Sample Chapter

In Bloodbound, Larsa is a dhampir—half vampire, half human. In the gritty streets and haunted peaks of Ustalav, she's an agent for the royal spymaster, keeping peace between the capital's secret vampire population and its huddled human masses. Meanwhile, in the cathedral of Maiden's Choir, Jadain is a young priestess of the death goddess, in trouble with her superiors for being too soft on the living. When a noblewoman's entire house is massacred by vampiric invaders, the unlikely pair is drawn into a deadly mystery that will reveal far more about both of them than they ever wanted to know....

Tags: F. Wesley Schneider Lucas Graciano Pathfinder Tales

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game—Class Deck: Druid

Druid Class Deck Preview

In the wake of Paul's lovely but sadly ill-conceived Best Character Ever blog, I'm here to talk tree-huggers. Hippies. Lovers of the natural world. Two-thirds of them are even wearing clothes!

Tags: Class Decks Druids Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Agents of Evil (PFRPG)

For Evil to be Victorious, it Needs Good Help!

For those of you without a maligned past or similarly dark ambitions, there are evil patrons aplenty—from the Aspis Consortium to the Whispering Way—who willingly seek agents to do their bidding. For those of you with a more religious bent, the fouler gods of Golarion have much to offer. Even those less vile followers of such deities are given their fair respect in this book. Asmodeus too takes his rightful place here, and for those of you foolish enough to combat the rightful rule of House Thrune, you may find yourself interested in hearing about the Devil Impostors—summoners whose eidolons imitate the traits of hellspawn.

Tags: Andy Timm Kez Laczin Pathfinder Player Companion Sally Gottschalk

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OPC Log—7 Kuthona 4715

Hail and well met! As the chill days of November fade into a frosty December, at least in the northern hemisphere, and our Southern Hemisphere brethren prepare for the heat waves of summer, I give thanks for wool socks and thick sweaters. Soon the shortest day will be upon us, along with cornucopia of holiday traditions and revels.

Tags: Pathfinder Society

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