Friday afternoon

Event utilizes official Pathfinder content Roleplaying Game

7-15 The Deepmarket Deception (T:1-5)

Friday afternoon, 1:00–6:00 pm • Cascade 12

When the Pathfinder Society claimed the Hao Jin Tapestry in Tian Xia, it seemed as though the Aspis Consortium's influence there had ended. An anonymous informant recently identified an Aspis resurgence in Goka's Deepmarket, and Venture-Captain Amara Li hopes that a small, well-trained team can ferret out the villains and prevent any greater atrocities. Can the PCs traverse the Deepmarket's treacherous politics and tunnels and neutralize the Consortium's local ringleader?

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Event # 626503
When PaizoCon 2018:
Where DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Cascade 12
18740 International Blvd
Seatac, WA 98188-4234
Contact Stephen Ross
Category Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Game Master Stephen Ross
Age Rating 10+
Complexity Normal
Experience Required None
Materials Required Dice, Pencil, Character
Character Pathfinder Society Character

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