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Event organized by Paizo Event utilizes official Pathfinder content PFS Roleplaying Game

#8-19: Treacherous Waves

All Day • Grand Ballroom

A recent expedition to retrieve a powerful relic in the Plane of Water has failed tragically. Investigate that ill-fated mission and overcome the forces determined to keep the truth from coming to light.
Character: Levels 3–7

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Event # 93716
When PaizoCon 2017:
Where DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Grand Ballroom
18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188
Category Pathfinder RPG Roleplaying Game
Age Rating 10+
Complexity Normal
Experience Required Novice
Materials Required Dice, Pencil, Mini/Token
Character Level 3-7
Players have the option of using pre-generated characters provided by Game Master
Also Required Please review Pathfinder Roleplaying Guild Guide for requirements.

Just looking to get into contact with others or the GM for this game as both myself and my wife are playing in it. Just looking to get an idea of what characters we should build and maybe a bit of party balance. Can't wait for the con! BOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!

Dark Archive

A very pretty girl enters the room, dripping, Her clothes and hair are decidedly damp, but she runs up and gives you a soggy hug anyway.

"Hello Windy One!" She beams at you. "I'm Nixie, and I've been sent by my tribe to be the Memory of my People and learn everything about the world above water. Only... This time the Pathfinder Society is sending me on a mission filled with GLORIOUS water! Water is wonderful! Everyone should like it! At least this mission should be safe from pigs... Have you seen how dangerous pigs are?" She shudders. "I'm glad that they don't swim well."


Nixie is a fourth level Undine Water Singer Bard, who is slightly naiive about the land above the water. She brings inspire courage, diplomacy and a certain amount of ditziness. She is deathly afraid of pigs because of something she was told in her first Confirmation game.

By the way, I'm Hmm.

Liberty's Edge

Following the undine is a Qadiran man in mithral breastplate carrying a silver earthbreaker. An unusual choice of weapon for someone from there, but the rest of his accoutrements are what one would expect from a desert dweller coming from that area -- including the almost obligatory scimitar at his waist.

He comes in humming a tune to himself.

Shaking out his still damp sleeve, he calls out "Hello! I see you've met my excitable colleague and occasional singing partner Nixie. She said there was something to investigate here? I fear she was a little short on the details."

The Exchange

A wild elf enters the room. The tribal markings on his face, and his leaf armor mark him as part of the Alijae tribe of the northern jungles of the Mwangi Expanse. Following him is a small, serpentine water elemental.

The elf nods a greeting, "My name is Teutu. My allies and I seek to facilitate trade with and between the elemental planes."

Dark Archive

"Hello friend, Teutu! So nice to meet you! Does your name mean that you're a dancer?" Nixie hugs the hapless newcomer and then kneels down by the serpentine water elemental in fascination. "Hello there," she croons in Aquan, happily watching the watery coils undulate. "Your snake is beautiful. What is their name?"


We probably should be all giving some indication of class, level and specializations here. Nixie plays like a core bard who happens to also have a bunch of water-based abilities. She can sing water into doing things, like being bridges or flanking buddies. In combat, she usually inspires courage and either fires her bow or her underwater crossbow, depending on circumstance. She's got bardic knowledge, but is not the greatest knowledge person. She is completely amphibious and likes taking friends with her into the underwater world.

Aeolus, what are you and your wife bringing?


The Exchange

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The elf's face remains impassive save for a slight twitch of his right eye. "I am not a dancer. My name means 'the price' to my people. That is Telsirien. I think you and she will get along."

The eidolon moves in a sort of serpentine dance, "It is a pleasure to meet you, miss. Please excuse my friend's brevity. He's happiest in negotiations."


Teutu is a druid with the elemental ally archetype. He uses a longbow and a mix of buff and elemental-themed spells.

Hey for some reason myself and my wife were taken off this game although we signed up. We'll be there and hopefully we haven't beven replaced

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