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Teahouse Comics Monthly Game Day

Teahouse Comics, Sandy Springs, GA

Event # 16105

Every first Saturday of the month from 11 AM to 9PM, we will be hosting a PFS Game Day at Teahouse Comics in Sandy Springs!

Please Note:
If you would like to reserve a slot for one of these scenarios, sign up ahead of time. You don’t need to reserve a slot, but it will guarantee you a spot to play. Contact the event coordinator or better yet, visit the Teahouse Comics Board at the Georgia PFS Forums and sign up!

Also if there are any requests to change or add a scenario, please email me. We may not be able to alter the schedule, but we'll try our best to accommodate!

The store is very close to 400 and GA-285!

Where Teahouse Comics
5920 Roswell Road
Suite B-107
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Contact Carlos Robledo
Scenarios #2-03: The Rebel's Ransom (RPG)
#2-04: Shadows Fall on Absalom (RPG)
#2-19: Shades of Ice—Part III: Keep of the Huscarl King (RPG)
#2-20: Wrath of the Accursed (RPG)
#2-23: Shadow's Last Stand—Part I: At Shadow's Door (RPG)
#2-24: Shadow's Last Stand—Part II: Web of Corruption (RPG)
#2: The Hydra's Fang Incident (RPG)
#3-02: Sewer Dragons of Absalom (RPG)
#3-05: Tide of Twilight (RPG)
#3-06: Song of the Sea Witch (RPG)
#3-08: Among the Gods (RPG)
#3-15: The Haunting of Hinojai (RPG)
#3-16: The Midnight Mauler (RPG)
#3-18: The God's Market Gamble (RPG)
#3-19: The Icebound Outpost (RPG)
#3-20: The Rats of Round Mountain—Part I: The Sundered Path (RPG)
#3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (RPG)
#3-22: The Rats of Round Mountain—Part II: Pagoda of the Rat (RPG)
#4: The Frozen Fingers of Midnight (RPG)
#4–01: Rise of the Goblin Guild (RPG)
#4–04: King of the Storval Stairs (RPG)
#4–07: Severing Ties (RPG)
#4–10: Feast of Sigils (RPG)
#4–11: The Disappeared (RPG)
#4–12: The Refuge of Time (RPG)
#4–14: My Enemy's Enemy (RPG)
#4–15: The Cyphermage Dilemma (RPG)
#4–17: Tower of the Ironwood Watch (RPG)
#4–18: The Veteran's Vault (RPG)
#4–20: Words of the Ancients (RPG)
#4–21: Way of the Kirin (RPG)
#4–22: Glories of the Past—Part I: Halls of Dwarven Lore (RPG)
#4–23: Rivalry's End (RPG)
#4–24: Glories of the Past—Part II: The Price of Friendship (RPG)
#4–25: Glories of the Past—Part III: The Secrets Stones Keep (RPG)
#5: Mists of Mwangi (OGL/PFRPG) (RPG)
#5–04: The Stolen Heir (RPG)
#5–07: Port Godless (RPG)
#5–10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread (RPG)
#5–12: Destiny of the Sands—Part 1: A Bitter Bargain (RPG)
#14: The Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch (RPG)
#16: To Scale the Dragon (RPG)
#27: Our Lady of Silver (RPG)
#29: The Devil We Know—Part I: Shipyard Rats (RPG)
#30: The Devil We Know—Part II: Cassomir's Locker (RPG)
#33: Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible (RPG)
#39: The Citadel of Flame (RPG)
#41: The Devil We Know—Part III: Crypt of Fools (RPG)
#43: The Pallid Plague (RPG)
#47: The Darkest Vengeance (RPG)
#48: The Devil We Know—Part IV: Rules of the Swift (RPG)
#49: Among the Dead (RPG)
#55: The Infernal Vault (RPG)
Intro 3: First Steps—Part III: A Vision of Betrayal PDF (Retired) (RPG)
AP #67: The Snows of Summer (RPG)
Murder's Mark (RPG)
We Be Goblins Too! (RPG)
We Be Goblins! (RPG)
Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep - Sanctum of a Lost Age (RPG)
Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep - The Accursed Hall (RPG)
Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep - The Dark Menagerie (RPG)
Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep - The Enigma Vault (RPG)
Pathfinder Online: Thornkeep - The Forgotten Laboratory (RPG)
Unspecified scenario(s)

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