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PaizoCon 2014!

PaizoCon 2012: Mr. Dumont and the Magnificent Timepiece
Redmond Town Center Marriott Hotel, Game Room, Redmond, WA

Pathfinder RPG RPG featuring Carl Rossi

Maximum 6 attendees.
Game Master: Carl Rossi

After a handful of adventurers inadvertently save a company dirigible from losing its valuable cargo, Messrs. Coalstock, Telethial and Co. -- Terah's leading railroad company -- hire the rag-tag band to investigate a mysterious letter that they received from a man named Mr. Dumont. The letter seems to indicate that Mr. Dumont is planning a hostile acquisition of the company by means of something only referred to as "my pretty little pocketwatch." As the party races to prevent Mr. Dumont from taking over the company rail-line they soon discover that time is on Mr. Dumont's side in more ways than one. This short steampunk-themed scenario introduces players to the world of Terah, where the marriage of magic and technology has resulted in an industrial revolution unlike any other. Mr. Dumont and the Magnificent Timepiece is a Pathfinder adventure for 4-6 level 6 character, with 6 pre-made characters showcasing many of the new features included in the Terah World Guide.


Age rating: 13+. Game complexity: Normal. Experience required: Veteran.

Prizes will be awarded at this event.

Materials will be provided.

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Event # 13549
When PaizoCon 2012:
Where Redmond Town Center Marriott Hotel
Game Room
7401 164th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052
Game Master Carl Rossi

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