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Friday afternoon, 2012


The Lure of Greed

Friday afternoon, 1:00–6:00 pm, 2012 • Game Room

Only a few days have passed since goblins raided Sandpoint to burn the new Desnan chapel and disrupt the annual Swallowtail Festival. Thankfully, a band of adventurers distinguished themselves by driving away the beasts. And, with Sheriff Belor traveling south to seek reinforcements from Magnimar, he's left these trustworthy souls in place as additional guardsmen and caretakers for those trying to rebuild and resume their lives. Now, a distraught townsman seeks their help in finding his neice--a young, idealistic woman who accompanied a sage and historian into the hills outside town in search of Thassilonian ruins and artifacts. There's been no word from their expedition since the night of the goblin attack, and now the girl's uncle fears for her life. Can the PCs brave the dangerous countryside to determine her fate? "The Lure of Greed" is a Pathfinder adventure for 2nd level characters, which takes place in and around the town of Sandpoint in the Golarion campaign setting.

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Event # 13428
When PaizoCon 2012:
Where Redmond Town Center Marriott Hotel
Game Room
7401 164th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052
Category Pathfinder RPG RPG
Game Master Neil Spicer
Age Rating 13+
Complexity Normal
Experience Required Novice

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