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Paizo Publishing Wins Five ENnies!

Dungeon magazine feted at annual awards given out at Gen Con

August 20, 2005, Bellevue, Washington

Last night at the ENnie Awards, Paizo Publishing was awarded five ENnie Awards by the fans on EN World. The awards received were:

Best Cartography — Gold ENnie: World of Greyhawk 4-part map from Dungeon Magazine issues #118—121

Best Adventure — Gold ENnie: "Maure Castle" from Dungeon Magazine #112

Best Aid or Accessory — Gold ENnie: Dungeon Magazine

Best Free Product or Web Enhancement — Gold ENnie: Dungeon Magazine Maps & Handouts (Issues #114—122)

Best Publisher — Silver ENnie: Paizo Publishing

"After our busiest year yet, it's extremely gratifying and a little bit humbling to win five ENnie awards," said Editor-in-Chief Erik Mona. "On behalf of our entire staff and our great writers, cartographers, and artists, thanks to the EN World fan community for voting for us in this year's awards. Watch for us next year!"

Dungeon Magazine has won the ENnie for Best Aid or Accessory three years running.

"I am extremely proud of our team at Paizo and the work they have done during a difficult year," said Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens. "Their dedication and professionalism, in addition to their putting out great products on some of the tightest schedules in the industry, amazes me again and again."

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