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Dungeon Magazine: New Format, New Subscription Price!

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The new issue of Dungeon magazine (#114) debuts an all-new format that takes the magazine back to its Dungeons & Dragons roots with a renewed emphasis on D&D adventures and a new focus on Dungeon Mastery. To learn more about the new format, please read our original press release and our Open Letter.

Some subscribers have already received the issue. Others will receive their copies by mail in the next two weeks. It's set to appear on newsstands on the 10th of August, just in time for Gen Con Indy.

Dungeon's new format is guided by the feedback of D&D enthusiasts just like you, who have told us what they want (and what they don't want) from the magazine in person, in letters, and in message board posts. The new Dungeon is very much your magazine, and we've made every effort to ensure that our new format has something for all D&D fans.

Your feedback and suggestions have been invaluable. Now, I need you to take one more step in determining the future of Dungeon magazine.

I need you to buy it.

Reward good behavior. You've spoken, and we've listened. Together, we can make sure that Dungeon keeps its new focus for many years to come. Sales and subscription numbers alone will determine the future of the magazine.

Check out Dungeon #114. If you don't like it, please send us a letter and let us know what we could be doing differently. If you do, please consider subscribing.

To make it easier for you to show your support, we've just today introduced a new subscription price—1 year of the official Dungeon Master's monthly resource for $39.95 (that's about $5.00 cheaper than it was four hours ago). Rates for international and multi-year subscriptions are available on our website (

If you've turned away from Dungeon in the last few years or have never read it at all, I urge you to take another look at our exciting new format. I think you'll be glad you did.


Erik Mona
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