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Dragon Presents a Sneak Peek At New D&D Movie

Gen Con Exclusive Event to Feature Clips, Behind-the-Scenes Info

Dragon magazine and Warner Brothers have teamed up to present a sneak preview of scenes from the new Dungeons & Dragons film, Wrath of the Dragon God. The highlight reel, which features scenes from the movie, an interview with Gary Gygax, and on-set clips, will play at back-to-back showings on Saturday, August 20th at Gen Con Indy.

The showings will begin at 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM on Saturday night, in the Capitol III Ballroom at the Westin Hotel. A Q&A session will follow each viewing. On hand will be Dragon Editor-in-Chief Erik Mona, and Cindi Rice, Creative Supervisor for the film, and Brian Rudnick, screenwriter, who will share behind-the-scenes information about the film.

Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God features a band of questing heroes as they attempt to thwart the plans of Damodar, whose plot to awaken the Night Dragon will bring doom to the kingdom of Ismer.

"I've read the script," says Mona, "and I'm impressed by how the film feels like a D&D campaign. From familiar spells to references to Juiblex and famous adventures from the game's past, D&D fans will find a lot to like in this movie. I'm really looking forward to seeing the clips, and to talking about the film with other D&D fans."

Admission to the special preview events is free to all Gen Con Indy attendees.

For more information, visit Paizo Publishing in the Gen Con Exhibit Hall (Booth #833).

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