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Bandit Band o' Death is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible 28-page module detailing the northwest of the Twelve Kingdoms. It provides a general overview of politics, economics, religion, history, and geography of the Twelve Kingdoms with an emphasis on the the three northwestern kingdoms....

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A Pathfinder Rules Supplement for a campaign set in a science fiction environment. Rules for Starship combat, alien Technologies, Technical Skills, Trade and Negotiations and character background development as well as 5 scenarios to start the campaign.

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The Campaign setting for the Conquered Armies RPG. Contains 35 ship classes, encounter, economic, and technology statistics for over 50 systems as well as statistical profiles for the 20 alien races present in Gold Sector. Also includes a maps of the Gold Sector both at the end of the Great War...

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Founding Fathers is set in the Conquered Armies universe and tells the story of the birth of the Republic—as it actually happened AND as it is remembered. A 117 page illustrated science fiction novella born as the background for a science fiction RPG/strategic game but able to stand alone as an...

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The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide has a great section on settlements. It allows the GM to define a settlement by its alignment and various other features (on a trade route, rumormongering citizens, led by a council, etc.) These factors are all then cross indexed to create a...

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Brief summary of the Deities on the world of Staaken; Twelve Kingdoms campaign. Provides explanation of culture and the role religion plays in it and how the various deities followers and temples can be located in the campaign.

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Details on the Twelve Kingdoms campaign setting, maps of region and world of Staaken, notes on general history and geography of region with details on dieties.

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