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Wildside Press


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  • "Bob Bodey's Body Parts" by William Markly O'Neal
  • "The Past Never Dies" by Holly Phillips
  • "Ravenous" by Phil Brucato
  • "Sold" by Tanith Lee
  • "The Drunken Mermaids" by Mary Catelli
  • "That Old-Time Religion" by Ken Scholes
  • "The Furious Host" by Barth Anderson
  • "The Living and the Dead" by Kendall Evans
    Lost Pages:
  • A mysterious sheet of paper hidden within an old Lovecraft book.
  • Weirdism: Paul M. Berger wages war on nightmarish ninja spiders
  • Interview with urban fantasy and comics author Mike Carey
  • Interview with horror and erotica author Sephera Giron
  • The Library: book reviews by Scott Connors
  • Cover art by Laura Wachter
  • Original illustrations by Molly Crabapple, Star St. Germain

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