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Why spend all of your gaming time looking up information or constantly having to ask your player for their character stats? These cards have all the information ready for quick access to the data of players, plotline NPCs, and NPC combatants. The first set of cards have all the essentials to...

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Tired of having to stuff your dragon mount into a stat box designed for a horse? Need a sheet for your new eidolon to include those evolutions? Hate having to stop the game and look up values every time something is sundered? Would you like a sheet that takes care of that? Now Advanced Character...

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Wicked K Games proudly presents our first free product: the Visual Alignment Tracker! This system creates a balanced approach to handling PC alignments and alignment changes. As the players make decisions, their alignment score gradually changes to reflect these actions. The tracking boxes...

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Wicked K Games proudly presents our second free product! This is a basic fillable two-page sheet. The boxes have multiple fillable lines where needed and scroll-over features to aide in entry. ... Note: This sheet utilizes slight hue changes in the black ink for enhanced readability. Draft or... Gift Certificates
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