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WereDragon Magazine


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***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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This, the inaugural issue of WereDragon Magazine, promises to be chock-full of useful articles and fun adventures.

We have an adventure with a mad wizard named Mog, a super adventure involving creepy puppets, and more. There is also a wonderful article that any player having trouble with character backgrounds will find extremely useful—those that aren't having trouble might get a few new ideas. Our pages are also graced with wonderful art and some great comics. We also have a Gen Con and a virtual gaming table review for you as well.

All of these—plus some things you might not expect to see in a gaming magazine—are waiting for you in this issue!

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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 3 ratings)

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An RPG Resource Review

***( )( )

At first glance it is an impressive first issue, it is clear that enthusiasm is there in abundance.

3 fairly good adventures (all for Dungeons & Dragons despite frequent protests that it's a multi-system mag!), a couple of interesting articles...

Overall, a good first attempt with some good writing struggling at times to get past poor editing and amateur layout. Persevere, and maybe find a good proofreader.

Great Start.

****( )

Ok, I said I would write a review for this if Paizo hosted it, and they did so here.
(This is going to sound a lot like the review before me...mostly 'cuz I feel pretty much the same way.)

- The price. 3 Adventures, a couple comics and a handful of other articles for $3.50? It’s a great deal.
- No Ads. It really is roughly 100 pages of content.
- A bunch of full page pictures, which are neat for using as NPC’s or monsters.
- The variety in the articles. There’s even one for cooking snacks for gaming night. And as mentioned before, the one on Character Background is awesome.

- Lack of maps in the adventures. My mapping skills aren’t that good, so I look forward to maps being included to get a better sense of the area. It doesn’t make the adventures impossible to run, just harder.
- Page layout could be improved. It switches from 2 columns to 3 columns to different background colors. I found it made it harder to read then it could’ve been, and it made it seem quite amateurish. Some consistency would definitely make it a better product I feel.

It’s a great first effort, and well worth buying. I have a feeling some of the things like editing will improve as more get released, but I for one am looking forward to issue 2.

Good First Product

****( )

I am very much enjoying my very first WereDragon Magazine. I think this is a great first effort from this publisher. Let's go through the basics.

The Good:
1. The price. This e-zine has 100 pages of content. That's content, not ads. At less than $4, this thing is dirt cheap and a great value
2. Nice hand drawn artwork
3. Three whole adventures. All three look like "good times" for my gaming group.
4. I love the character background article. It made me want to work up a bunch of NPCs. I know my players will enjoy it to. (But I will encourage them to buy their own copy of the magazine.)

Needs Improvement:
1. Of the three adventures, one is for 1st-3rd level characters, and the other two for 8th to 10th level. In the future, I'd like to see one low level, one medium, and one high level adventure.
2. Editing, editing, editing. As I consumer, I can't stress enough the importance of good grammar and sentence structure. Poor writing detracts from otherwise good articles. I found this to be a problem in the three adventures, the columns and my favorite character background article. Call me nit-picky, but this takes what could be a great magazine down to just a good magazine.

I'm sure this will be addressed in time and overall, I'm still very impressed. I hope to be enjoying this magazine for years to come. Gift Certificates
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