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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Weekend Farmer Company


Our Price: $34.95


Fresh from the country. A classic family boardgame! So much fun, some people say it's the best game they've ever played, others call it addictive. This international award-wining game has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. So educational, it has been used by homeschoolers and thousands of...

Our Price: $25.95


Farming Game Kids is an adaptation of the award winning classic family boardgame 'The Farming Game'. It was created by the second generation of the Farming Game family for their own growning sprouts, some as young as three years old - to give them a chance to try their luck in farming. The...

Our Price: $13.95


In this portable, card-game adaptation of the International award-winning board game, players harvest crops while dodging droughts, uncertain markets, and insects. Buy land, cattle, wheel and deal in your quest to build the best farm in the county! A truly rewarding time that entertains, teaches,...

Our Price: $28.95


Racing 'N Rodeo is the newest addition to the family of games created by The Weekend Farmer Company. We have stayed true to our rural roots by releasing a game all about HORSES. Whether you are living in a rural area or are just rural at heart you will be drawn to the charm of this game. ... Our...

Our Price: $35.95


It's smuggle or be smuggled in this fast-paced strategy game of harrowing heists as players attempt to complete successful deliveries while diverting and intercepting illegal trafficking! Gift Certificates
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