The Dice Decide


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BLADES CLASH WHERE KINGS REST! ... Every year the city of King's Rest hosts the first tournament of the season. This five day event is open to fresh blood, attracting hopeful young adventurers, squires, and scoundrels to compete for fame, glory, and reward. This year, however, is different, as...

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HER ARMY OF THE DEAD RISES ONCE MORE! ... Long ago an immortal threat to the kingdom was sealed away within a magic tomb. The crypt was silent for generations, but now adventurers have gone missing... and the local cleric who guarded the tomb is gone with them. Can our heroes discover the secrets...

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The star of the Ades system will soon destroy the fourth world in nuclear fire, scouring the scattered survivors still clinging to life beneath the dry ocean beds. But where no hope remains the RGR Broadcasting company is happy to announce the one hundred and thirty-eighth season of PLANET DEATH...