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Welcome to the raggedy edge of human space, The Orion Frontier. This is the edge of human exploration. Rimward from here, There be Dragons! No star chart or encyclopedia tells us what lies beyond, only whispered tales of scouts and pirates provide us myth-inspired answers. ... The Twilight Sector...

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Beyond the Open Door is the first campaign for the Twilight Sector Campaign Setting. This campaign is presented in three acts each designed to illuminate the world of Terra/Sol a little further. ... Uncover the mysteries of the Yamaguchi Ripper as they lead you down the rabbit hole. Then watch in...

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The Starfarer's Gazette is an intermittently-published style magazine for the cutting edge 30th Century audience in Terra/Sol's Twilight Sector Campaign Setting. Nonetheless, this material has been designed specifically to be open and available for any Traveller game. ... So whether you are a fan...

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Tinker, Spacer, Psion, Spy details over eighteen careers specifically for use in the Twilight Sector Campaign Setting but easily adaptable for any Mongoose Traveller game. More than just a careers book it also includes details on the latest in cyberware out of the Oster Republic called CyrgeWare....

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On Netherell, ships still rely on wind to fill their sails. Blacksmiths hammering at their forges produce the deadliest weapons which most of its population can imagine. Mounted knights, their armor allowing them to shrug off all but the luckiest arrow shots or spear thrusts, rule the...

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Six Guns is a science-fiction roleplaying supplement using the Traveller rules from Mongoose Publishing. Each issue presents six items (not alwaysweapons) in detail, with accompanying notes and stat blocks. ... Generic versions of most of these items are presented in various game supplements, but...

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Shipbook: Mirador details a 1000 ton Traveller-compatible Starship. The ship is well detailed as a luxury passenger liner operated by Excelslor Tours (the Lady May and the Silver Spirit) and as a lab ship (the Rosalind Franklin) owned by the eccentric explorer Talia Mason. ... The economics of...

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Six Guns is a science-fiction roleplaying supplement using the Traveller rules from Mongoose Publishing. Each issue presents six examples of the topic at hand in detail, with accompanying notes and stat blocks. ... This issue's topic is not a type of equipment, but a set of organizations that... Gift Certificates
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