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CRY H.A.V.I.C. (Heavy Assault Vessel Infantry Carrier) is a table-top futuristic SF 25 mm miniature game for two or more players. The game requires miniature figures to represent troops on the battlefield. Talon Games produced a line of CRY H.A.V.I.C. miniatures.

Set in the 26th century, mighty empires clash for valuable worlds and the resources and power they provide. Power armor soldiers and intelligent M.A.R.S. (Mobile Assault Robotic Soldiers) units make up the bulk of fighting forces with the H.A.V.I.C. carrying them through space from one battlefield to another. More than merely armored transports, H.A.V.I.C.s serve a base of operations for its troops.

The rulebook has been designed to teach the gamer how to play in and to better understand the universe of Cry H.A.V.I.C. Each area of the rulebook falls under one of four headings.

The Introduction: This section describes the background of the game's universe and provides details on some of the major events that helped to shape the galaxy as it is in the year 2572.

The Rules: The rules section explains the concepts, techniques and philosophy of the game. The rule book says that it can accommodate a wide number of units per side but recommends that starting players begins with 5-7 units per side and then add additional troops.

Equipment and Design: This section describes some of the equipment that could be found on the modern battlefield as well as the basic military formations and setup of the two major powers in the game system: The Terran Confederation and The Ryuuza Imperium.

The Universe: This part details some of the many personalities that are found in the Cry H.A.V.I.C. gaming universe. A short story is also included here. (From rule book)

It is a 25 mm miniature game which uses d10 for all rolls. Distances in the game are measured in inches. Each square inch of the gaming table represents an area 5 feet across. The turn is 30 seconds long and is broken up into two rounds of 15 seconds. Each round is made up of four action phases which are used to organize the actions of every unit.

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