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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Studio 9 Games


List Price: $12.95

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Treasures and Traps is the adventure card game that puts you on a quest for riches. Each card can open the door to a tricky challenge, a magical assistance, or a valuable treasure. ... The approximate playing time is 10-30 minutes for two players. Add 10 minutes for each additional player. ... Be...

Our Price: $5.95


This supplement to Treasures & Traps: The Adventure Card Game features 10 character class cards and five special class cards designed to introduce a new game variation, as well as a tournament-style play mode complete with score sheets.

List Price: $24.95

Our Price: $22.46

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In the untamed wild, villains lurk in wait, terrors haunt dark lairs, tradesfolk seek riches and heroes come to prove their valor. As the mayor of a frontier town, you stand in the center, eyeing the roads for talent and trouble. Will you hire help or take on challenges, develop your town or...

List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $26.96

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Below the earth lies a mysterious dungeon. Heroes venture its dark passages and enchanted chambers in search of glory and gold. Will you join the quest to master these forbidden halls, or become the legendary Guardian protecting its priceless treasures. An asymmetrical dungeon crawl where one...

List Price: $6.95

Our Price: $6.26

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The Borderlands adds new cards to Villagers & Villains a humorous fantasy game where you build a village on the edge of civilization.For those who have played the game, you know the fun comes in the variety of how the game will unfold with 100 unique cards. The unusual card combinations, and...

Our Price: $6.95


Like Expanded Realms 1, this expansion adds cards to add right into the Treasures & Traps base game deck. These 26 new cards have unique effects. No additional rules are required with Expanded Realms 2. Some added features include: Time control spells to affect the next few rounds, poison traps!,...

List Price: $10.95

Our Price: $9.86

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In the vast wilderness exotic travelers, mystic relics, legendary lands, and fabled heroes have been found. Now, with Random Encounters you can wield these forces and bring glory to your realm. But be quick! Or your opponent may seize these findings of good fortune first! With unique and powerful...

List Price: $14.95

Our Price: $13.46

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Build a thriving city in a world of legends, heroes, dragons, and wizards with Villagers & Villains: City Builder. Hire militia to combat thievery within your walls, build an embassy to set up trade deals by your design, create cobblestone roads to attract better talent and business, or add value... Gift Certificates
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