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Everything you or your players could want to know about a Star-System and any of its inhabitants in one convenient place. Use them to design the Star System and then give out copies to your players as they explore and uncover its secrets. ... Contains seven pages of fillable PDF forms and a...

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All the information anyone could possibly need about a new planet. Use these forms to create an intricately detailed planet for your intrepid band of space jocks to explore or plunder as they desire. ... This 25 page PDF contains: 11 pages of fillable forms; 9 pages of detailed instructions on...

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Planets at your fingertips! Keep all the information on your planets in one convenient and easy to carry place. Use them for your private notes or give them to your players for computer data or sensor readings. Gift Certificates
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Wild Things,

More Spooky Adventures!,

Faces of Korvosa,

Worldscape Workbook—The Fish that Got Away,

How to Summon the Party—Summoner Class Deck Preview,

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