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***** (based on 10 ratings)

by Nicolas Logue ... The Tulita tribes of the Razor Coast once bowed before his insatiate hunger and offered sacrifices of slaughter to his wanton maw. Forsaken for an age, Dajobas, the mighty shark god was cast into the deepest reaches of the Razor Sea. His hunger for carnage has festered in the...

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***** (based on 13 ratings)

by Craig Shackleton ... When rapiers flash and steel crosses steel, the finest duelists require more than Combat Expertise and Dodge to show their mettle. Six pages of new weapons, attacks, feats and options for the gentleman swordsmaster are at your disposal maestros, along with a historical...

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***½( ) (based on 4 ratings)

by Wolfgang Baur ... There is no greater frontier of mystery and danger than the crushing black depths of the unforgiving sea. Underwater adventures send heroes into a hostile realm where ichthyoidal alien things prowl the cold currents, and the environs themselves choke off life. Running a game...

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****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

by Greg A. Vaughan ... This 13-page underwater adventure for four to six 7th-level PCs explores treachery and regicide beneath the surface of the Razor Sea. The Coral Kingdom ruled by their locathah king is surrounded by a demonic kraken’s ravening hordes. But the greatest threat to Sea King’s...

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***** (based on 6 ratings)

By Nicolas Logue ... 14-page PDF adventure and supplement ... Unspeakable terrors and rancorous gods hold sway over the turbulent waves of the sea. The Razor Coast swallows ships and souls by the thousand, and terrible secrets the oceans keep haunt the dreams of every salty mariner who plies...

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***** (based on 3 ratings)

By Richard Pett ... 16-page PDF adventure ... Blacksink Marsh has always had an ill reputation. The thorns that grow there are poisonous, beasts and changed things rove the waters, lurking in wait for foolish travelers, and the twisted descendants of an accursed tribe hunt beneath the dark canopy...

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****½ (based on 3 ratings)

By Brendan Victorson ... 14-page PDF adventure ... A recent earthquake churned the waters and left them changed; the seas seem swelled with a frenzy not known in recent history. Strange rumors of a shrine risen from the depths of a forbidden cove put the Tulita tribes of the Razor on edge. Some...

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***( )( ) (based on 3 ratings)

By Nicolas Logue ... 7-page PDF supplement ... The Tulita of the Razor Coast were born where the fire meets the sea, and they possess both in their hearts... the burning power of their mother Pele, and the ancient changeless wisdom of the Great Eternal Ocean. The warrior tradition of the Tulita... Gift Certificates
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