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There's nothing like the frenzied life of a photographer on a short deadline. You and your fellow shutterbugs have been sent to Yellowstone National Park with only one day to get all the pictures for a twelve-month calendar. At the end of the day, your publisher will pick the twelve best photos for the calendar. Your goal: get more pictures in the calendar than anyone else.

It won’t be easy. Should you gamble on the uncertain schedule of erupting geysers? Or stake out watering holes in hopes of getting a great shot of the wildlife? Grab your camera and get out on the road; you have until sundown to collect as many snapshots as you can. And don’t forget to take off your lens cap.

Geysers of Yellowstone is a quick-playing board game about the thrilling world of nature photography. Players move on a board that represents Yellowstone National Park, taking pictures of geysers, hot springs, wildlife, and scenery. Timing of geyser eruptions is card-driven. The player with the best photo portfolio at the end of the game is the winner.

Players: 2–5
Playing Time: 30–40 minutes
What You Get: A 12-page PDF that includes rules, 38 cards, the game board, and a scorecard
You Also Need: A pawn and several counters for each player, six-sided dice
Designer: Mark Nemeth

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