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Rogue Games


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Colonial Gothic RPG

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Shadow, Sword & Spell RPG

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Many tales are told of Colonial America. Some are whispered in low voices, for fear of bringing doom to the teller. Some are published in rare books, cherished by those lucky enough to possess a copy. Some are forgotten, thought to be lost to the ravages of time: but they have been found. Here...

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The world is steeped in magic. It is everywhere, inhabits everything, and fuels the desires of many. Shadow, Sword & Spell: Magic is your guide to magic. Not only will you discover new spells and new alchemical arts, but also new options to add to your games.

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Curiosity is Dangerous! In Karl Magnussen's case, it cost him his life! When word reaches him of some strange religious practices taking place in the small village of Lake in the Hills located in The Vintage, the scholar and theologian wasted no time traveling there. However, upon arriving, he...

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1. Colonial Gothic RPG: The French & Indian War

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2. Colonial Gothic RPG: New France

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