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Duplex feats are a special acquisition for a character, marking the forging of two or more paths into one cohesive destiny. They meld two or more core classes together, for the benefit of both. Duplex feats are an alternative to the traditional prestige classes. ... This supplement contains 30...

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Some think of them little more than temple assassins, a blight on the good name of religion. The anointed Harbingers carry out their divine tasks in the shadows, snuffing out threats before they become manifest. If the paladin is a holy sword, the Harbinger is a divine bolt fired from the...

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The Kingdoms Riven Campaign Setting and Kingdoms Riven Player's Handbook are designed to be played with just the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary. The decision was made to keep the requirements for the core setting and player's book simple. ... Paizo's...

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The Kingdoms Riven Campaign Setting details a world trying to recover from self-imposed magical devastation. The discovering of spells of massive destructive power became too much for madmen crazed with dreams of conquest, and to their eternal shame they used these great weapons on one another,...

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Sixty years ago, on a turn of the world now burned into memory as the Day of Devastation, madmen and fools with more power than common sense unleashed magical hell upon the continent of Narrathia. Their failure was not limited to so much wanton destruction, for the spellcasting of unimaginable...

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This free character supplement introduces Kellorn, an acolyte of an ancient draconic deity. From an early life as a slave through to a career advancing the goals of his goddess, the half-human, half-draconic Kellorn founded a temple and spread the word of the divine. ... Each of the One Dollar...

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This character supplement introduces Rasha, the self-named Witch of the Stained Heart. She paid the price for the safety of her family at a young age by making a pact with a force more powerful than her young mind could ever contemplate. As she matures, Rasha’s patron exercises more and more...

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