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Publisher Services, Inc.


List Price: $45.00

Our Price: $40.50

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Broom Service is a card-based game that combines luck, skill and balances timely bluffing with clever hand management. Remake of award-winning Witch's Brew: New theme! Now with 3 types of roles: witches, druids, and gatherers. Drizzelda, the weather fairy, helps chase away the bad weather. New...

List Price: $49.95

Our Price: $44.96


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Love (or hate) Cards Against Humanity? Enter Crabs Adjust Humidity, a crappy little third-party, unofficial, unauthorized expansion that blends seamlessly with the world's most offensive party game! This Special Edition of Crabs Adjust Humidity collects all five expansions - that's a total of 560...

List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $13.49

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These 100 playing cards replace the dice in any roleplaying game by providing random results for nine polyhedral dice combos on every card.

List Price: $7.99

Our Price: $7.19

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This expansion for Kittens in a Blender adds 32 unique kittens to the game in two new groups, allowing for play with up to six players (or teams). It also has color-reminder cards, and Flavors that add a new dimension to the strategic play. If you are having trouble rescuing your kittens, and you...

List Price: $35.00

Our Price: $31.50

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Build Your Pyramid of Power! As Viceroy, you must prove your sovereignty and undeniable leadership through the skillful manipulation of the powers at your disposal to bolster your authority - recruiting allies and subordinates, enacting various laws, developing your state's military and magical...

List Price: $39.95

Our Price: $35.96

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A long time ago the Kami, spirit protectors of the world, were unknown to all but those who practiced Shinto. Then, a cataclysmic event nearly destroyed us. What was salvaged from the wreckage were people who could see Kami and bond with them. Those bonds paired with schools of battle lead to...

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