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Troll Tunnels is a solid collection of sword and sorcery tales by Michael K. Eidson, Christina Lea, Michael Lea, Tom K. Loney, James L. Shipman, and Ken St. Andre. Though conceived originally as a tribute to the game Tunnels and Trolls, the collection has evolved beyond its roots. These stories...

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The inhabitants of the lost land never called it Mandala. The Shard Sages came up with that, peering into the past and finding a strange gap, a vacancy, a void where something wonderful should have been. Nor are the ruins at Qalidar the ruins of Mandala. They're shadows, shadows cast by light...

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Originally conceived to celebrate the POW! roleplaying game, POW!erful Tales is a lavishly illustrated collection of fifteen stories by a diverse assortment of writers, ranging from talented newcomers to acclaimed professionals, including Geoffrey Thorne, Mark Onspaugh, Lawrence Barker, Gustavo...

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The Peryton RolePlaying game is built from Open Gaming mechanics and will be immediately familiar to experienced gamers. And thanks to its streamlined design, players new to role-playing will have no trouble jumping in and getting started quickly. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned RPG fan or...