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13th Age

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Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE)

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d20 RPGs

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The Dying Earth RPG

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Esoterrorists (GUMSHOE)

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Night's Black Agents (GUMSHOE)

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Pathfinder RPG

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Trail of Cthulhu (GUMSHOE)

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Other RPGs

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Our Price: $25.16

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Four crowned icons of the Dragon Empire. Forty battles. Are you ready? Crush a dwarven city beneath your mighty Gearwork Dungeon! Plunder the elven goldenwood library that holds the secrets of the Green! Soak the sands of the Emperor`s arena with the blood of his living champions in the name of...

List Price: $19.95

Our Price: $17.96

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The Tearing of the Veil is Nigh! An appalling summoning, demons of the depths awakened, slaughter on your mapping App, Ebola Insurgency, and, of course, Murder Clowns! For decades, the Ordo Veritatis has fought the Esoterrorists: occult operatives bent on ripping apart the membrane between our...

List Price: $29.95

Our Price: $26.96

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The Roleplaying Game of Personal Horror, Fear Itself plunges ordinary people into a disturbing, contemporary world of madness and violence - and inexorably draws them into confrontation with creatures of the Outer Dark, a realm of alien menace. Powered by the GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying...

List Price: $49.95

Our Price: $44.96

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The world has changed. Again. China wasn't supposed to colonize 15th century North America, right? And yet you find yourself being attacked by eunuch swordsmen in what should be San Francisco. Some time traveler told the Golden Fleet about the Pacific oceanic gyre that would lead them to a rich...

List Price: $19.95

Our Price: $17.96

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Insects are everywhere, in their millions; roaches, scarabs, ants, and mosquitos. Now, imagine them human-sized, with a chip on their carapaces, add psychic powers and you have the ezeru: huge, advanced beetles forged in the aftermath of a self-inflicted human extinction event. But, TimeWatch...

List Price: $24.95

Our Price: $22.46

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Why are there too many cats in London in 1840 and no dogs at all, and how does that relate to the pyramids of Kush? Why is Edward V scouring the time lines for Caravaggios? Who time-pranked Alexander Graham Bell into thinking he'd heard spirit voices on his new invention? Fire up your autochron,... Gift Certificates
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