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Paintier Products


Description for Paintier

Paintier Products

Tired of hunting for just the right color when painting your craft and hobby projects? Are all those little paint jars cluttering up your life? Get your workspace organized with a fully revolving, easy to spin, paint bottle carrousel. Designed specifically for the hobbyist, this product holds most brands of craft and hobby type paint bottles in easy to see and find tiers. It also holds up to 16 craft and hobby style paint brushes.

Two styles are available. Our Paintier 40 has two tiers and our Paintier 80 has four tiers. Both units hold 16 large, 20 standard, or 30 small paint bottles per tier. Different bottle sizes and brands can be combined.

Our Price: $35.00

Out of print

List Price: $50.00

Our Price: $45.00


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