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Psionics Transcended is the first of a psionics rules system compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Psionics is not just magic of the mind, but magic of the entire body. Your character uses her body as a power source for magic instead of relying on materials or a deity. Prior incarnations of psionic magic has relied on a system of points and others have relied entirely on uses per day (or vancian, spell-slot-based magic). This book provides your character a flexible system that uses both and works within the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. The following provides a summary of our interpretation of psionics for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Psionic spellcasters accumulate ki points, just like a monk or ninja and use this power to rearrange their spell allotment, augment their spells, and use various abilities. The psionic spellcaster, just like the sorcerer and bard, knows a set number of powers and spells and can cast these spontaneously. The power of those spells is based on their ki pool total or their caster level, whichever is lower. Ki points can be spent to regain a spell use and spells can be sacrificed to regain ki. In total, the psionic spell caster has must more power, balance, and flexibility than older incarnations of the psionicist.

All of the spells have been reviewed and updated to blend with existing rules. Spells that were identical to arcane and divine spells with different names were converted to match existing spells.

  • The entire energy spell-line was redesigned to provide a little more balance but still allowing the flexibility to using multiple, and even more, energy types.
  • Disciplines were moved to spell descriptors so that all spells followed the same rules.
  • Spell schools were added to all psionic spells to allow for use of existing feats and abilities.
  • Metamagic works for all three spell types (or magic power sources).

The psion is a blend of the original psion and wilder classes and is an alternate sorcerer class. Each psion can specialized in a discipline and get unique abilities similar to the sorcerer bloodline.

Undisciplined psions have the abilities of the wilder.

The psyker is a blend of the original psychic warrior and soulknife classes and is an alternate bard class. The psyker gains the ability over time to create many different soul weapons instead of just a sword or bow.

Because there are no somatic components, there is no penalty for weaing heavier armor.

Psionic feats are now available to all characters with a ki pool, giving a nice increase in available feats to monks and ninjas.

Only one new skill was added: Knowledge (Psionics) to match the Knowledge (Arcana) and Knowledge (Religion) skills.

Ki focus is useable by all characters with a ki pool to use certain feats and abilities. The ability to gain ki focus is similar to concentration for casting spells. It has very similar variables and difficulties.

Alternate rules are provided for spell/power point systems and treating psionics as a different magic type.

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I really like it, but I want more!

****( )

I played around for years with power/spell points and even came up with some fun rules for them. But for me, Pathfinder does such a good job with making the spells per day system fun and enjoyable, so I felt the psionics put out by Dreamscarred Press is just unnecessary.

This book however, it expands on the spells per day and the ki pools. It makes them interact much in the way that the Arcana pool for the Magus does. Which is awesome! My only complaint is that it only introduces two new classes to Pathfinder, and I like having a variety of different magic classes for my players to choose from. I wish there were more, but I'm using the rules presented in here to make my own homebrew archetypes, favored class options and alternate racial abilities to truely bring the Power of Ki to life in my campaigns.

right idea about Ki, but the execution is all wrong

**( )( )( )

ki and psionics should be blended. they are very similar. however, it should not replace power points. the entire point of psionics is to have a pool of points for casting instead of "spells per day". you might as well play a sorcerer if your going to do this. the spells per day thing is exactly what I wanted to get away from. thats not even mentioning the fact that you completly ditched my favorite psionic class, wilder

instead, there should be some conversion ability for converting Ki and PP back and forth. monks should also have some sort of option for delivering touch powers in melee. ki points can be used for this purpose or as some kind of special enhancement for powers (beyond augmenting) such as regaining psionic focus, casting at a temporarily higher caster lvl, ect. this should come in the form of feats or special new class abilities.

basically, what you should be thinking as you make this is "how can I make a super sayin (a la dragonball Z) for pathfinder.