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Brigade Combat Team Kandahar is a modern wargame that examines the capabilities and challenges of the conflict in Afghanistan between the coalition and Taliban. The game is designed around Joseph Miranda's Joint Ops Staff Card engine. Planning is critical as each player selects the Joint Operations cards he or she will play each turn. Each Joint Ops card played provides the player a specific capability, including Administration, Logistics, CIMIC, and Communication.

Units engage in combat, provincial reconstruction, and intelligence operations. Command-control limits how players form their operational plans and coordinate large unit formations.Each side has a focused set of objectives unknown to the other side that create the doctrine and requirements for achieving victory. The coalition player has the daunting task of conducting A counter-insurgency campaign in a country with no infrastructure, cohesive culture, or trust for centralized authority. The insurgent player has fewer assets and capabilities than the coalition, but must merely keep the teetering government off balance if it can't topple it altogether.

Each side conducts operations to counter the efforts of the opposing side, but both must be mindful of the third side - the Afghani population. The Taliban and western forces must prosecute their strategies without alienating the indigenous people.


. Rules Book . Example of Play . Designer's Notes . One 22" x 17" Game Board . 170 Double-Sided Die-Cut Markers . 118 Double-Sided Die-Cut Counters . 50 Joint Ops Cards . 24 Objective Cards . 24 Chaos Cards

Players: 2 Play Time: Two to Four Hours Complexity Level: Moderate Suitability for Solitaire Play: Moderate

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