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On Military Matters


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Our Price: $9.00


Our Price: $8.00


Special Feature: 1688 - The Glorious Revolution Historical introduction Wargaming the Glorious Revolution 1688 And all that - Playing the Campaign Creating William at The Boyne Monmouth: Suggestions for Black Powder Recommended miniatures ... Features Column: Rick Priestley - 'This gaming life'...

Our Price: $8.00


Special Feature: Clash of the Titans We play and compare the new Ancients rules Plastic fantastic - making ranks of unique barbarians Civil unrest - creating the cover vignette Why I still love WAB - the editor takes a stand ... Features Column: Rick Priestley - 'This gaming life' Preview: Tales...

Our Price: $8.50


Special Feature: A House Divided - 1861 first year of the American Civil War Don Effinger and Mike Evans, '1861 A year of optimism'. 'Big Bethel'. 'Tactics of the Civil War' 'Why the Civil War is special' 'Blackburn's ford' 'How Stonewall Jackson got his name' 'Rules and miniatures overview'... Gift Certificates
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