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Add spellcasters with flair to the Modern mix with Modern Magic: The Path of the Spellcaster. The first supplement from Ninja Monkey Press for Game Room Creation's Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World, Modern Magic details spellcasters in a Modern setting. With the Gunmage, an updated version of the Arcane Archer, the Joker, half-trickster, half-hooligan, all spellcaster, the Vigilante, a crime-fighting magic-user, and, of course, the Mage and Priest. Includes several new Talents, Difficulties, Feats and Archetypes. Also includes rules for creating non-heroic Ordinary NPCs, each with their own Archetypes as well. Modern Magic delivers spellcasters with a punch! Requires the use of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and Game Room Creation's Modern Path: Heroes of the Modern World.

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Lantern Lodge

Does this use the updated 2.0 Modern Path?

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