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“What do you need new bands for? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact!” —Homer Simpson ... Within this book you will find four complete short adventures for the Pathfinder/Open Games License system, including printable, full-color 1”-square map tiles. Written...

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A thriving town of 20,000 souls, Nywhere is a center of civilization, to be sure. But also an adventure in its own right. Your PCs will never be be bored again. Not with such fabulous locations to explore as: The Dewy Tulip: To refer to the Dewy Tulip as a 'house of ill repute' within hearing of...

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A winding road leads through newly harvested farmland. Through a mist that never seems to part, the shadow of a lone figure can be seen, unmoving. Who is the strange ghost of a beautiful woman who appears before you, again and again? Why do the dead not rest in this land? Why do wounds and... Gift Certificates
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