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A quaint little village for an exciting little entry into adventure.... ... As your travels continue until late in the afternoon, the packed dirt and loose rocks of the trail route wear away at your soles and sap your remaining energy. You are tired and in need of a quiet, safe place to settle at...

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Why simply say that you come from a family of simple villagers when you can announce to the rest of the party that your mother is a serving wench at the local tavern, your grandfather is a turnip gathering ghost, and your drunken uncle was turned into a tree…? ... Although most players spend...

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A Lineage for Commoners and Craftsmen ... One of the most enjoyable aspects of fantasy role-playing games is the creation of a complex, vividly detailed character. Although many players devote a considerable amount of time and effort into fleshing out their fantasy alter ego, there is often... Gift Certificates
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