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Rebel Scum ... Celebrate your victory over the Evil Empire with a T-shirt! Wear the label proudly. Tastefully appointed in black ink on a moss and black ringer tee, your label is as subtle as you need it to be.

Our Price: $22.00


Everyone Scatter ... In golf, when an errant ball is hit, people yell Fore! In combat, the use of an explosive is followed by a shout of Fire in the hole! In D&D, the roll of 1 is often followed by an expletive and the words EVERYONE SCATTER! If you're lucky, the shout is followed by the cold...

List Price: $22.00

Our Price: $19.80

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Greedo Was Framed ... The biggest patsy in the galaxy gets his own shirt. Won't you buy it to pay his—admittedly post mortem—legal fees? ... Dark green ink on a light green jersey-style T-shirt with dark green arms

List Price: $22.00

Our Price: $19.80

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My Dice Are Trying to Kill Me ... White ink on a black T-shirt.

List Price: $22.00

Our Price: $19.80

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***** (based on 1 rating)

The Zombie Horde ... Winning with the crushing weight of numbers since 1968! ... White ink on a black T-shirt.

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Add 2XL $22.00 $19.80

You Have Wood for My Sheep? ... Color ink on a dyed hemp T-shirt.

PaizoCon 2016 Event Schedule is Live Now!,

The Mechanics Behind the Comics,

Obsidian Tells a Tale,

First Taste of Seeker Play,

Good Bad Dogs,

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